What is the meaning of MOT and what is checked?


The MOT or “Ministry of Transport” test is a yearly investigation for vehicles that are three years of age in the UK to check their street value, security, exhaust emission level and different parameters. All vehicles that include tires are required to fit in with street security and ecological standards. The rules for this kind of inspection are very different for taxi drivers.


To find an official MOT center you can visit MyCarNeedsA or the link below:

The VOSA or the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency oversee the MOT. This should be possible at any of the garages approved as Vehicle Testing Stations for an assortment of vehicles. In the event that you have a diesel vehicle, the vehicle testing station must be particularly approved for doing diesel testing.

The MOT certificate can likewise be checked online and subtle elements of past reviews can likewise be accessed. In the event that your vehicle has had a test that has expired, it is conceivable to pre-book one and drive straight to the garage to renew it.

The MOT test incorporates critical aspect as takes after:
• The auto’s body and general elements are checked for corrosion and harm to guarantee there are no sharp edges. Electric attachments, the speedometer’s condition and operation, motor mountings and different repairs and changes are reviewed alongside the tow bars.
• The fuel system, pipes and hoses are checked for leaks. The fuel top is inspected to guarantee it seals tight.
• As a part of natural safety, the auto’s exhaust emissions must fit in with the permitted levels in light of its age and the kind of fuel it uses. The exhaust system must be secure without breaks and excessive noise.
• The auto’s safety belts’ must meet security requirements for capacity and security. The breakdown indicator light for airbags and safety belt pre-tensioners must be operational. The seats must still in the upright position.
• The auto doors must close safely and open both from within and outside with back doors opening from outside. The pivots and safety catches must be secure.
• Mirrors must be set up, clear and secure.
• The boot or tailgate must be secured in the shut position.
• The auto’s brakes are checked for repair and proficient execution. Electronic dependability control, park brake and brake liquid warning are investigated.
• The tires and wheels are completely examined for size, sort, tread and security, except the spare.
• The auto’s registration plates are analyzed to check whether they are in a good shape, secure and adjust to the shading and characters.
• The state of the headlamps is checked alongside the fundamental beam, warning light and point.
• The hood must affix securely when shut.
• The auto’s wipers and washers must be functioning.
• The windscreen must offer a reasonable perspective while driving.
• The horn must match the necessity.
• The vehicle’s steering and suspension must be in top condition.
• The vehicle ID number or VIN must be legitimately shown.

After the MOT, a certificate is issued to embrace that the test has been done and that the auto is considered lawfully safe to be on the streets. This inspection however does exclude the motor’s condition, grasp or gearbox. All the subtle elements of the test are secured in an inspection manual.

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