Travel Batam – Tropical Paradise in Indonesia

travel batam

Batam is Indonesia’s biggest city, located in the Riau Islands Province. It’s a hidden gem that awaits exploration. Batam, located in the Singapore Strait, offers sandy beaches, lush parkland, and a rich cultural history for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation.

Since 231 AD, Batam has been home to the Malays called Orang Laut. It has served as a strategic battlefield and an industrial hub. In the 1970s it was designated as an industry area, with the intention of becoming “the Indonesian version of Singapore.” It is a modern metropolis that successfully combines tradition and modernity. 

Batam is a diverse geographical area, with beautiful bays, peninsulas and islets dotting the landscape. Batam is a great getaway for those looking for sun, sand and sea. Its 3,869 square kilometer area and proximity to Singapore and Bintan Island make it an ideal destination. 

Explore Batam

Batam has a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall offers retail outlets, restaurants, and entertainment in one convenient location. Barelang Bridge links six islands to provide breathtaking views of its archipelago. 

Visit Batam

Singapore to Batam ferry ride is the best way to discover the wonders of this island for Singaporeans. 

Singapore’s ferry services make it easy to reach Batam. The Batam Fast Ferry (also known as Sindo Ferry), Horizon Fast Ferry (also known as Majestic Fast Ferry), and Horizon Fast Ferry (also called Horizon Fast Ferry) all offer fast connections to Batam’s busy ports from Singapore’s various terminals in 35-60 minutes. 

Ferry Information: 

Majestic Fast Ferry departs daily from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminals, while Majestic Fast Ferry also operates out of HarbourFront Terminals. Majestic Fast Ferry is available from both Tanah Merah Ferry Terminals, as Majestic Fast Ferry runs from both Tanah Merah Ferry Terminals and HarbourFront Terminals. 

Plan Your Trip:

It is important to do thorough research on ferry schedules, ticket availability, and prices before you embark on your Batam adventure. You can book Singapore to Batam ferry tickets easily online. This will save you time and avoid the long queues at the terminals. Diverse operators allow you to customize your trip according to your personal preferences.


Batam, a tropical paradise, is waiting to be explored. It boasts a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage with modern amenities. Batam is a tropical paradise that offers something for everyone. From beautiful beaches to bustling cities, there’s plenty of things to do.

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