Who We Are

Travel Trick Community, a place where we love talking about anything and everything related to travel. We also provide you with a comprehensive and up to date travel guide for your convenience.

Who is part of our Community?

Anyone and everyone who loves travel. That includes you because you’re reading this right now, and anyone who’s liking us, sharing our posts, sending in ideas, pictures, guest articles and all who are working in has a truly international feel and we are passionate about spreading our collective knowledge and experiences on great places to visit and things to see and do.

Aside from our wonderful colleagues sharing their travel tips and content ideas, we also have a dedicated Community team…


Different Countries

Our internal community of employees covers more than 12 different nationalities including American, British, Singaporean, Indonesian, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese, Australian, Vietnamese, Canadian, Mexican and Indian.

Travel Authors

Ellen Huet, Susan, Amanda Cordner, Paul jarrett and Chris Taeni are producing the great travel content for Travel Trick.

Suggest us what you think we should add in to make a rich travelling experience.