Travel Langkawi: Your Gateway to Island Paradise via Local Routes

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Welcome to Langkawi, Malaysia’s amazing island paradise located within the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Famous for its delightful beaches, lush rainforests and vibrant culture – Langkawi has long been one of Malaysia’s top travel destinations. For travelers who want to easily explore this tropical paradise on a budget, the Langkawi RORO Ferry offers the ideal solution – travel with them to explore this incredible place that offers plenty of relaxation as well as adventure ! Your journey through Langkawi will become not only an experience but also something to remember forever!

Experience Seamless Travel in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi Kedah Roro Management Sdn. BHD is committed to providing exceptional ferry services that seamlessly connect Langkawi to the mainland. With over two decades of experience and seven ferries operating seven days a week, they provide easy accessibility for you and all passengers while maintaining stringent safety standards for a pleasant journey.

Modern Amenities

Come visit our spacious ferries where comfort meets convenience. With an impressive passenger capacity of 400 persons, they are packed with modern amenities that ensure a pleasant journey – be it a business or pleasure trip. From comfortable seating arrangements to cargo handling facilities, they ensure that your journey is seamless.

Popular Routes

The Langkawi Kedah RORO ferry’s most popular route connects Kuala Kedah and Langkawi. Kuala Kedah Jetty marks your departure for Langkawi, bustling with activity. Travel time between Kuala Kedah and Langkawi typically ranges between 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours, giving ample time for taking in coastal vistas and dreaming up adventure plans that await on this lush tropical island paradise. 

Planning Your Travel Trip to Langkawi

Scheduling your visit to Langkawi has never been easier, our convenient ferry schedule makes traveling to Langkawi effortless. The Langkawi RORO ferry departs daily from Kuala Kedah Jetty at 01:30 PM for its voyage to the island and returns at 9:30 AM from Langkawi Tanjung Lembung Port; by consulting its timetable beforehand, you can ensure a seamless experience during your travels. 

Affordable Ticket Prices

Traveling to Langkawi has never been more accessible, thanks to our competitive ticket prices. Round trip ferry ticket prices differ for different age groups with discounts offered for children, seniors and foreign travelers. Furthermore, passengers traveling with vehicles will find our ferry ticket fares competitive; fare rates depend on vehicle type and size. 

Vehicle Fare Details

Our ferry services accommodate vehicles of every shape and size – from compact cars to luxury SUVs – providing convenient travel experiences across Langkawi with transparent pricing and hassle-free booking processes that make traveling to Langkawi easier than ever before! Using Langkawi Kedah RORO Management Sdn. Bhd makes traveling to Langkawi easy! 

Let Langkawi Kedah Roro Ferry be your trusted ally as you make your way to Langkawi. With our commitment to safety, comfort and affordability they will ensure your trip to Malaysia’s island paradise is memorable and enjoyable. So book online tickets today and prepare to experience its beauty.

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