Top 10 Activities You Can Enjoy at Pawna Lake Camping

pawna lake camping activities

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Get greeted when you make your arrival at the Pawna Lake Camp a heavenly experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure explorers. Found in the nearby city of Pune, the camp provides you with an escape retreat to the tranquility of Pawna Lake. The calm sounds of waves, the blowing leaves, and the picturesque views make the place a blissful environment for anyone to take away memories. 

Pawn camp is not only a destination to journey towards but also a paradise to experience and get a spiritual resonance with nature to connect. Succumb yourself in the loveliness of Pawn Lake, covered by hills and a lush green environment. The campsite is not only provided to stay but also you can like-minded people who love the simplicity of life and the joyful outdoor surroundings. 

Different kinds of activities in the Pawna Camp

1. Live Music Performance

Upgrade your experience with the live music performance at the Lake of Pawna. You will watch the skilled and talented artists performing under the clear sky, giving a unique enhancement to the atmosphere with peaceful melodies and tunes.

2. Barbeque

Take part in the gastronomic delight in the campsite of Pawna with a Barbeque feast offered to satisfy your hunger and share laughs with your friends and families as well. You can also add a delicious twist to your camping celebration by tantalizing your taste buds with the delicious flavors of famous food at nearby restaurants!

3. Group Dance

Take part in dance and vibe with your friends during the bonfire and let the music lead dance steps and experience magical moments in the lake environment.

4. Campfire

Experience the warmth of campfire activity with your fellow campers and converse about your experiences to have a wonderful time in the Pawna Lake camping. The lakeside environment will give a glimpse of a serene environment to enjoy and let it connect with you for the feel.

5. Archery

Go on a sharpshooter activity at Pawna Lake Camp to enjoy archery. Without the judgment of skills, you can challenge yourself to enhance your aim and train your sharp eye to aim at the board and that too surrounded by a serene environment.

6. Volleyball

Feel the goosebumps on Pawna Lake camp and you will be actively participating in the activity to unlock your competitive spirit alongside your friends and families

7. Cricket

Upgrade the lakeside atmosphere into your favorite sports activity, enjoy fast bowling and smashing sixes with your friends to fully enjoy this activity.

8. Chess

Compete to test your IQ and battle against the odds to successfully checkmate the opponent in a game of chess. Gather up your chessboard and settle in the surrounding lake under the clear sky.

9. Dart

Upgrade your aiming ability while participating in a dart game at Pawna Lake Camp and test your skills of precision and eagle eye perfection which adds a unique experience to the camp.

10. Carrom

Arrange the carrom board to play a beautiful game and indulge in a friendly competition with your families and friends. Have so much fun in the open air nature and feel the wind breeze blowing towards you in the lake environment.

Nearby Attractions to Pawna Lake Camp

Pawna Lake Camp offers the best hospitality for a weekend escape or an adventurous camping time. The serene view of Pawna Lake and the Sahyadri mountains is the best spot to refresh and relieve your stress from bonfires to barbeques and alongside stunning nearby attractions like Lohagad, Visapur, Tikona, Tung Pratipandharpur and so much more. Make your bookings and join the amazing camp location surrounded by the calm waters. 


1. Can I bring my family to Pawna Lake Camp?

Our campsite is recommended for everyone with a wide range of activities and no restrictions for any age group. We ensure that your safety requirements will be met throughout the experience.

2. Are pets allowed at Pawna Lake Camp?

It depends on the policy of a tour operator, so do check on that before making a booking.

3. What are the nearby attractions of the Pawna Lake camp?

You can explore attractions around the Pawna Lake camp such as Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, and the brilliant view of Lonavala town.

4. What are the necessary items that should be carried?

Carry the necessities that include a sleeping bag, insect repellent, portable stove, and comfortable clothes.

5. How can I be sure to book the Pawna Lake camp?

Booking the package in advance is a key move to reserve your spot before the tickets run out so cooperate with the tour operator. Converse with the operator to clear your doubts and issues regarding anything about the travel.

6. Is fishing allowed at Pawna Lake camp?

Yes, fishing is allowed, but it is necessary to consider the local rules and regulations. Do enquire about any permits and guidelines when you make your stay at the camp in Pawna Lake.

7. Do you allow campfires at the Pawna Lake camp?

Campfires are allowed in some areas depending on the guidelines and make sure you think about safety and environmental conservation. 

8. Is electricity available on a 24/7 basis at Pawna Lake Camp?

Yes, the campsite is provided with electricity to give you all the comfortable experiences without any compromising on necessary amenities.

9. Am I allowed to bring my camp gear?

Yes surely, you can bring your camping gear if you have one we also do provide all the camping amenities, and make sure you follow the safety guidelines at the camp.

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