Infographic: Who is the hotel guest of 2020

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TEchnology has massively influenced services provision industries, few more so than the hospitality sector. With guests now able to enjoy an unprecedented level of personalization, what expectations could be asked of hotels in 2020?

“I want a fully customised experience.”

Hotel guests now desire customization with almost every aspect of their stay, from transportation to bed features and the aspect of their room windows. ‘Illis extends to specifying what facilities they wish to utilize on a given day, e.g. a pre-defined meal for two on their 1st night, a spa visit on day 2, a round of golf on day 3, etc.

Many hotels now have reservation systems which are sufficiently advanced so that guests can have almost any amenity or service packaged and delivered to their specifications.

“I want to share my feelings now, not at the end of my stay.”

Guests will no longer wait until they’re checking out to provide feedback on their stay. They want to express their feelings at the moment, for better or for worse.

Hoteliers are learning to Capture moments as they happen through videos or •mood snaps’, with this feedback directed straight to the general manager of a hotel.

The feedback can then be used to provide an instant remedy to guest dissatisfaction so that a disappointing stay can be rescued, or it can serve to highlight What a hotel is doing right so that they can continue to perform highly for these factors.

“I want all my needs to be served with just one ID.”

In 2020, more hotels Will facilitate the use Of a single virtual fingerprint which guests can use for everything that requires identification and customization (e.g check-in and check-out. room configuration, transactions).

Many guests have grown weary Of needing to carry several forms Of identification with them for checking into a hotel.

This ID is non-replicable and works through RFID encryption and DNA based identification. It contains layers of information at the user’s discretion, can be made available to other entities if needed.

Who is the hotel guest of 2020

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