How to Ship an Electric Vehicle?

how to ship an electric car?

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Driving an electric vehicle from one state to another is so much different from driving a regular gas-powered car. There are many hurdles to consider, and one example of the most important ones is the unavailability of charging stations everywhere.

While charging stations are popping up all over the United States right now, you aren’t assured yet that the place you will be traveling through will have some.

That is why car shipping companies are essential in this kind of situation. There are many companies out there but you can check reliable car transport to save you from issues. Shipping a vehicle is not easy task especially if it’s an electric automobile. Knowing your resources beforehand can help you a lot. It may seem unnecessary to have your car transported via shipping companies, but it will the safest way possible. Additionally, it saves you from a lot of headaches.

The preparation for shipping your electric vehicle may initially seem meticulous, but once you have gathered and complied with all the requirements, all you have to do by then is just wait.

Here are some questions that may help you know more about shipping electric cars.

What is the difference between shipping a regular car and an electric vehicle?

The first thing you should know is that shipping an electric vehicle isn’t actually that much different from shipping regular ones. After all, almost all of the necessary paperwork involved is the same. Additionally, the processes are the same, and even the mode of transport is the same.

However, the primary difference is that shipping electric vehicles will be significantly more expensive than regular ones because electric cars tend to be considerably heavier. It’s because the electric cars have Lithium-ion batteries.

Furthermore, since most electric vehicles are expensive, they will also require additional care than those of the regular ones, thus, resulting in a higher shipping cost.

Is it worth shipping electric vehicles?

Undoubtedly, electric vehicles are one of the most expensive vehicles available today, and owning one is pretty much a privilege already.

Tesla, being the number one and most well-known electric car manufacturer, has a set of prices already, which averages between $40,000 up to $200,000.

Aside from shipping your electric car, you can actually drive it yourself to its destination, but there are some drawbacks to this, including but not limited to the following:

  • Driving your vehicle from one state to another will wear out the car faster.
  • Accidents are prone during long trips.
  • Unavailability of charging stations everywhere.
  • Overseas transport, like shipping car to Hawaii, is impossible.

There is actually not much to worry about when it comes to car shipping companies because they will usually have some kind of insurance for your vehicle.

Therefore, during the whole journey of your vehicle, it will be transported with the utmost care, especially since it is an expensive type.

Do I need to drain out the battery?

Actually, it is more advisable that you fully charge your electric car before the shipment to ensure that it will have enough juice once it arrives at its destination.

During the shipment of your car, your vehicle will only be turned on when it needs to be loaded and unloaded onto the cargo ship, so you should expect the battery to be used a little.

However, most car shipping companies will need to make sure that your battery is secured in its place to avoid any movement during the shipment that may cause some unnecessary damages.

How to prepare my electric car before the shipment?

how to ship an electric vehicle

For the whole shipment process of your car to go smoothly as possible, you have to prepare several things. However, don’t worry; these are just simple things that can really help make the whole ordeal manageable and headache-free.

Here are the things you need to prepare before the scheduled shipment of your electric car:

  • Make sure to clean your vehicle inside and out since shipping companies could charge you extra for that.
  • Make sure to remove any valuables inside your car. Shipping companies are not held liable for missing items inside your vehicle.
  • Try to secure your car’s battery as much as possible to prevent any damages to your vehicle or battery during the shipment.
  • Do a thorough inspection of your electric car and check for any existing damages.
  • Take a whole bunch of pictures from every angle of your car, including the interior, so that these photos can serve as evidence. This is in case you have the need to file an insurance claim.
  • Disable any alarms that you have set up for your electric car.
  • Ensure that you have a spare key so that both you and the handler of your car will have one.
  • Lastly, make sure that you all the necessary documents before you proceed with the shipment. This may include the following: Bill of lading, Insurance papers, title, registration, photo ID, and if you plan to ship your car via an auto transport Hawaii, you will also need Lienholder authorization and absent owner authorization.


Shipping a car to another state isn’t actually that hard, whether it’s Hawaii or the mainland. In fact, it is relatively straightforward, just like shipping regular cars. All the requirements you have to prepare for your electric car’s shipment are pretty simple and similar to traditional vehicles. The only thing you will have to worry about is just the cost of the car shipment since it will no doubt be more expensive than usual, but if you have that covered, then you are good to go with the shipment of your electric car.

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