How to Get Your Drone License Now?

how to get your drone license

Photo by sergio souza from Pexels

If you have a drone, you might of heard about getting a drone license. Not everyone has to get it. If you’re willing take commercial drone shots during your travel then you must have a drone license. But it can cause some confusion.

We want to clear that up and let you know if you should be thinking about drone pilot schools.

Today, only people who fly drones for commercial or business purposes need a license. This is known as a Part 107 certificate. The drone license is a new requirement put out by the FAA in 2016.

Part 107 enforces a number of rules on flying drones. For example, you should not fly drones over roads and highways, crowds, and only fly when you have a clear line of sight.  You also must yield right of way to a manned aircraft.

If you are using your drone commercially, you will need to get your license and be vetted by the US government. You’ll have to pass a 60-question test, as well. This test is ⅔ of what real pilots take, so it’s not easy. Once you have your license, you have shown a minimum amount of proficiency to fly your drone.

To get your drone license, here’s the drill:

  • Be at least 16
  • Be able to write, read, understand, and speak English
  • Be mentally and physically fit to fly the drone
  • Turn in your application to FAA after you pass the exam

Before you can take the test, you have to have an FAA tracking number or FTN. This is a unique code given to all flyers. This will stay with you as long as you work in aviation.

You may sign up for the test at one of the FAA testing centers in the United States. Each exam costs $150. If you fail, and many do the first time, you can retake it but only after waiting two weeks.

There are many study options online to pass the part 107 exam. To pass, you have to get 70% of the questions right. You have two hours to pass, and most people find that is sufficient.

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