7 Best Things You Must Do in your Tokyo Travel

best things to do in your Tokyo travel

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Tokyo – A capital city innated with deep-rooted tradition and passions.

Are you thinking of travelling to Tokyo that has the lifestyle, language, clothes, and especially the culture different from your own?  Then you must certainly know the most exciting and thrilling things about it that will give a handful of exposure of the city to you.

Here are the best Tourist Attractions in Tokyo

1. Skytree – the main attraction:

Skytree is one of the tallest buildings in Japan. It’s the most magnificent attraction with two observation decks that gives a complete and incredible view out over Tokyo.

2. Rikugien – A landscaped garden!

Have you ever wished to experience a beautiful landscape? If yes, then don’t forget to visit the Rikugien garden. It showcases the most beautiful landscapes of Nature.

3. Akihabara

If you are an electronics lover, then you must visit this electronic town of Tokyo that offers a wide range of discrete electronics ranging from computers, mobile phones, to cameras, and much more. 

4. Asakusa

One of the best districts to experience the old- fashioned Tokyo. The main attraction of the Asakusa is the Sensoji Temple, the oldest and most popular Buddhist Temple in the city.

5. Meji Shrine

It’s one of the oldest shrines in Tokyo that is dedicated to Japan’s first emperor Meiji. It’s a large forested area that offers peace and tranquillity to escape from a busy lifestyle.

6. Tokyo Disneyland

It’s a complete theme park that is beautifully designed and a must-visit place for tourists wanting to explore the unseen.

7. Edo-Tokyo Museum

It’s the most uniquely structured museum in Tokyo that illustrates its history, cultural heritage, and architecture beautifully.

I really recommend to go through these tourist attractions Tokyo. You shouldn’t escape if you want to feel the standards and ethics of the city.

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