6 Smart Hacks for a Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip

Road trips are the hall mark of Americans—unless there are kids in the back seat of the car. I mean to imply, kids’ ear-piercing howls behind you as you sit in traffic, and it’s just no fun. And as you drive your family to a BBQ hours away this weekend, you should be having fun. To ensure the trouble free drive, you need to take the initiative to keep them busy.

We are suggesting some of the best devices, playthings, and other random objects your children might like- if you are traveling with family. These tips will ensure the engagement of the elders as well.

NYC road map

Here’s we are on tenterhooks your drive is amusing yet safe.

1. Map out your destination

What bugs more than ‘are we there yet’ question? To avoid this make or simply print out a map of the route you are going to take. Ask your kids to check or cross out the places as you go past them to keep track of your destination and distance covered so far. This will not only keep them absorbed but make them anticipate each coming up destination too with enthusiasm.

2. Take detour to unusual destinations

Visit the never-seen-before places on your way. It’s not necessary to stay on the road in anticipation of you reaching your destination. As a matter of fact, taking a few diversions could make your road trip memorable. Giving you an opening to stretch your limbs and invigorate yourself.

Travelling Without the Mobile Phone

3. Bring your best camera

Not bringing your camera for longer rides can be frustrating later; while relaying the events to relatives or friends with no pictures to speak of makes your narrative phony and somewhat less interesting. Sure, your phone camera can perform the trick, but nothing’s like the equipment solely made for the job.

4. Play music

Install the best quality speakers and leave the entertainment part to the music. Good speakers will also add to your movie watching experience on the screen. Escalate the sound and enjoy the ride.


5. Expect the unexpected

Prepare yourself to expect the uncalled for, unseen events. God forbid any calamity should come to you.
Don’t expect road trips to go 100 percent as planned. And even if you think about it, nothing in life does. So why expect the same from trips?

Construction might seal the path via which you were planning to journey. Or maybe the highway you were about to take doesn’t exist anymore, your engine dies, or you drop your phone in a mire. Let’s hope none of these things happen to you, but expect the unexpected. Be geared up for the unanticipated on your trip.travel author bio

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