Fantastic Holiday Destinations for 2017

holiday destinations 2017

If you are planning for your 2017 vacation, you definitely want to settle for a destination that offers a combination or adventure, historical insight and serenity.

There are thousands of amazing travel destinations you could consider for your 2017 vacation. Whether you are interested in nature or history, you can be sure to find a destination that not only meets this need but also affordable.

Here are the top 10 best holiday destinations of 2017:

  • Thailand – You definitely want to consider this destination especially if you are envisaging a vacation where you will spend time sunbathing on white or idyllic islands with perfect blue pristine shores. The best time to visit Thailand is between December and March when the temperatures are between 20o and 35o Celsius.
    Finland – 2017 is a great time to visit Finland especially for history lovers, as this country will be celebrating its centenary of independence. You can be sure to interact with its rich history through art exhibitions, sports as well as festivals. This destination is ideal for couples with the best time to visit being December. The culmination of the centenary celebrations is 6th December.
  • Marrakech – If you are a culture lover, there is no better time to go on holiday in Marrakech than between September and November 2017. You will definitely be thrilled to be part of the opening of the Musee Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech. A trip to the landmark museum that displays items spanning over 40 years of design is definitely worthwhile. Despite the unbearable heat of the peak of summer, you can be sure to have a great time in Marrakech.
  • Denmark – You cannot go wrong with a holiday in Denmark, the European Capital of Culture. The country’s second city Aarhus is a cultural hub that is alive with exhibitions and great architecture throughout the year. You will do well to take advantage of the warm temperatures between May and September and avoid the peak summer rush. Do not forget to take advantage of the foodie furore surrounding the capital’s Noma.
  • Romania – This destination is unique as it offers authentic experiences and is ideal for families. In fact, the number of visitors to Romania has been on a steady rise since 2013. Among the major attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage Danube Delta, Buzua Mud Volcanoes and Bucegi Mountains and so much more. Visit Romania between September and October and discover many hidden gems.
  • Kenya – Kenya presents a perfect opportunity to watch the Big five in their natural habitat. With some of these species facing the threat of extinction due to poaching and harsh climatic changes due to global warming. This is the right time to visit Kenya, go on safari and enjoy a close view of the Big five. In addition, you will also get to enjoy cultural diversity and the great wildebeest migration that is classified as the 8th wonder of the world.
  • Cyprus –Cyprus presents a blend of culture and adventure. A host of beautiful beaches and historic sites characterizes this destination. You can be sure to enjoy culinary delights in its diverse restaurants. Your holiday experience in Cyprus will definitely be lively.
  • Mexico – Mexico has continued to experience a decline in the value of the Mexican Peso that effectively translates to more foreign currency, cheaper food and drinks as well as the number of days you can stay there on holiday. Visit Mexico and take advantage of the beaches and the scenery while you relax.
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