10 Tips to Keep You Safe on Your Uber Ride

tips to keep you safe on your Uber ride

Let’s not mince words here- the roads are dangerous. Anything can happen, especially at remote, dark areas. You are at just as much risk taking a cab as you are driving your own vehicle. Now, the good ride-hailing companies constantly work at making your ride safer. In that regard, Uber is one of the best out there, not just in terms of fares and discounts, but also, in safety and customer service.

Uber comes handy at all times with its range of vehicles that include car, autos and even bikes. And the fare for each type of trip differs from the other. But no matter which mode you go for, you can save on your ride by using Uber coupons. New users can also have their first trip free. And there’s so many interesting referral offers by Uber that will surprisingly give you free rides.  But even then, every time you step into a cab, there’s a slight possibility that your driver doesn’t have the best intentions in mind. There are a range of gory things that your driver can try upon you. And these crimes are very common; your newspapers are very familiar with them. It is necessary that you tread carefully and follow below-mentioned tips to ensure a safe Uber ride.

Tips to stay safe on your Uber ride:

1. Check the license plate

The very first thing you should before getting in your Uber is to check the license plate of the vehicle. As soon as you book the Uber, its license plate arrives on your mobile screen. Match that with the ride you’re getting into. A great lieu of unfortunate incidents happen when passengers get into the wrong car.

If the driver directs you to the vehicle and you notice a different registration number than the one mentioned on your phone, that is highly suspicious. In such a scenario, don’t get into the vehicle and report the driver at the earliest.

Also, don’t forget checking the driver’s photo and name too. There is the possibility of an imposter driving your Uber.

2. Ask questions

uber ride safety tips

Before getting into your ride, do check if the driver knows your name and destination. Any Uber driver is required to know this information. If he/she doesn’t, there is bound to be something wrong.

It is understandable if you are the kind who don’t prefer talking to their Uber drivers. But this is a good tip to ensure that you’re safe on your Uber ride.

3. Be conscious

While it is a good thing to book an Uber after having one drink too many at some club/bar, don’t assume your Uber driver to be a nice person. All the background info on the app might indicate otherwise but still don’t assume.

Keep your wits about and follow the above-mentioned steps diligently. Also, keep a watch on the driver’s movements and behaviour in a non-creepy fashion. I recommend to engage in a random conversation with him/her.

4. Phone at hand

It has dangerously become okay for passengers to not have their phones with them or have them switched off. In this case, people tend to order their Ubers from their friends’ phones before leaving. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I advise you to never do that.

Your phone is your key in case of any emergency and you might not always be in the position of asking your driver for it. With your phone, you can send out an SOS call on the Uber app and also call up your friends or family if you notice anything suspicious.

5. Where you sit

Whenever you’re travelling alone in an Uber, don’t sit in the front seat of the car under any circumstances. If your driver asks you to do that, it rarely means that he is in the need of some company.

Sitting directly behind the driver is not a good idea either. You want to sit across from the driver so that you can monitor his/her every movement.

6. Pick-up and Dropping location

While it’s not always convenient, I recommend that you get picked up and dropped off at a populated, lively, well-lit area. Such locations make it less likely for your driver to pull anything dangerous on you.

To be extra safe on your Uber ride to home, I suggest you don’t reveal your exact address to your driver. Let him/her drop you off a few yards or a block away.

7. Red Flags

Other than verifying the driver’s and the car’s details, you can watch out for a few things during your ride. For instance, don’t get into an Uber if there is someone else with the driver in the car, a non-passenger. Unless instructed by you, if your Uber driver seems to be driving in a hurry, that is suspicious as well.

Also, if the driver rejects to take you to your destination on the call and then, accepts it suddenly, I’d recommend you cancel your ride and look for another one.

8. Don’t hesitate in stopping

If you’re already in the cab and you smell something funny, don’t hesitate a moment in stopping the ride. You can stop the ride from your phone as well.

But if you notice something suspicious, it is better to play the situation delicately. Come up with a delicate excuse like having to go to the washroom or getting a phone call. Insist on pulling over at a well-lit, crowded area and step out of the car as soon as it stops.

An even better tip to keep you safe is to just add a stop in your Uber ride and get out there.

9. Share trip status

tips to be safe on your uber ride

Your standard Ola and Uber applications have the option to share trip status with your friends and family during the ride. So, they get live updates about your trip and know where to reach you, in case something’s off. Another tip to stay safe, you can also call someone during your Uber ride and tell them about your trip. This way, you let the driver know that your friends or family are aware of your whereabouts.

As mentioned above, these apps also have an SOS button that you can press in case of any emergencies.

10. Avoid taking an Uber alone

Now, I respect your privacy and I understand if you want to take a cab alone. But it is never a bad idea to share the cab with known people.

If you’re coming back from work, you can share the ride with a colleague who’s heading in the same direction. If you’re returning late-night from some party with your friend, you can request him/her to share the cab with you and drop you off at your home.

If you know any other tips to stay safe on an Uber ride, kindly let us know in the comments. I beg you- follow the above-mentioned tips and stay safe. 

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