Visit Tehnikum Bistro in Moscow Redefine The Real Retro Aesthetic

tehnikum bistro restaurant in Moscow

Tehnikum Bistro in Moscow, Russia, is a unique gastronomy approach that we can all take a peek into. Located in Dmitrovka, Russia, Tehnikum Bistro offers its guests an experience that will transport them to the old historic journey of Dmitrovka, Moscow. Other than unique gastronomy experience, the bistro also is designed uniquely. Studio Form designed the space, and they opted for a retro aesthetic that combines a touch of old Soviet with mid century modernism.

As the centerpiece of the restaurant, the designer chose a huge art mural that pictures three chefs cooking. This mural is the work of local artist, Dmitry Aske. This drawing tells the story of a kitchen in old canteens in restaurants in the Old Soviet days. But rather than presenting it in a nostalgic or a realism way, the artist chose to present it in a contemporary manner so that the mural looks a lot like a pop art. This is where the mix between historic and contemporary happens – first through the main mural in the space.

Other than that, the walls are a combination of wood panels and white bricks on the upper side. Some areas are open ceiling. The kitchen is open. There are booth seating to adopt the American Style of dining that are extremely popular these days. It also makes the restaurant seem and feel a lot more casual. The open kitchen really aids the casualness and it also becomes an attraction as the guests are now able to see how their food are made.

“The designers have opted for a retro aesthetic that combines design elements from the soviet era with mid-century modernism. Undoubtedly, the bistro’s centerpiece is the fresco by local artist Dmitry Aske, which alludes to epic mosaics or murals often featured in otherwise bland soviet canteens,” told the designer to Yatzer.

soviet canteen in Moscow
Tehnikum Bistro

Combining historic and contemporary elements in a space is such a popular approach not only in adaptive reuse projects, but also in usual ones. It adds an element of curiosity in a subtle way, which a lot of people would greatly appreciate and like, especially when placed strategically. This Tehnikum Bistro in Moscow is a great example of mixing old and new, while offering an experience that people would certainly want to get a taste of. Not only does it highlight the food experience, but the spatial experience is also paid careful attention to so that overall it makes for a great, successful business.

Photo credits: ilyaivanov

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