Norwegian Marketing Campaign Brings Art and Nature Together in the Most Stunning Way


If you’ve ever visited Norway, you will know that as a country, there is a lot of value and esteem placed on nature. From stunning fjords to stupendous mountains and the mystical Northern Lights, Norway is a country that’s filled with natural wonders, one after the other. One of the most well-loved and frequented natural settings in Norway are the country’s woodlands and forests. But, as the winter months draw closer, Norwegians are having to cut down on their woodland hikes, one of the most well-loved pastimes in the country. But, top Norwegian chocolatier Freia has recently changed this, showing that actually, with the help of a little light installation, darkness can be fun!


Walking Through the Woods

Walking through the woods might be a very simple activity, but for Norwegians, it’s a mesmerising experience and something that is essential to their health and happiness. During the longer and brighter summer days, it’s not uncommon to find many Norwegians taking to the abundant forests and woodlands, enjoying hikes and the fresh air. But, during the winter, these hikes can be cut short by the arrival of nightfall, which comes earlier and earlier as the colder weather draws in. With the help of some designers and artists, Freia used a night time woodland hike to show how the darkness can also be fun.

Clever Advertising

Using a forest located just outside Norway’s capital Oslo, the team worked tirelessly for a full day, setting up light installations throughout the whole of the trail in order to make sure that they had everything ready for nightfall. Once darkness fell, the forest was lit up beautifully, allowing anybody who wanted to take a walk after dark to do so safely and without worrying about losing their way. The marketing campaign was for Freia’s new dark chocolate version of their signature chocolate bar the Kvikk Lunsj, which has been the people’s choice of sweet treat to take along on hikes and woodland walks since its conception in 1937. The most popular chocolatier in Norway, Freia knows how much Norwegians value exploring nature.

Exploring the Woods the Norwegian Way

Along with being a successful marketing campaign for Freia, the project also served as an excellent opportunity for the people involved to experience nature in a way unlike any other. With light installations including 45,000 individual LED diodes and 2,000 metres of cable along with a range of further custom designed lighting elements, the whole trail was lit up in a spectacular, unique manner which attracted a lot of creepy crawlies, adding to the whole experience. The journey along the illuminated path took people past a lake with glowing lights bobbing on the surface of the water, through the trees and finally to the main event in a clearing, where lights were strung from the trees all around, creating a unique, relaxing and visually stunning appearance.

According to Freia, darkness can be just as fun as the light

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