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How to travel independently or alone

How to travel independently or alone

Travelling it is wonderful part of our life. Spellcaster Maxim made a special review about travelling alone, without agency assistance.

How to travel independently

Spellcaster Maxim had already traveled actively several years. He has visited about 40 countries for the last four years, made more than 100 flights, lived in countless hotels and only once used the services of travel agencies. It was the first and probably the last time he did it. During his travels, it became evident that independent travel is not only much more interesting but also much easier than it seems at first glance. Independent travel gives you the freedom of choice and movement. You can decide where you want to go, when and what. Many people feel fear of independent travel. In this article Spellcaster Maxim review will tell you about the main stages of independent travel, share experiences and show that independent tourism is very simple, interesting and cheap.

Going abroad alone

The choice of place where to stay – is a purely individual thing. Maxim usually guides by several considerations choosing a country for the next trip. Apply it for yourself. First, it is desirable that it was a new country for your or a place where you have never been. Secondly, you need to think about what to do there, what sights there or what you can do. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the various promotions from airlines. The price of the tickets can be very beneficial in a certain place. Sometimes the choice of countries is completely random: you can invite friends, or to come across cheap plane ticket or can read some interesting book about this country. The reasons can be countless. For Maxim is not important where to go, but still it`s very interesting.

The next step after the choice of destination is to find the right and preferably cheap air tickets. The first thing is to check whether flying in the direction of the budget airlines. After checking the budget airlines, you fail to make the searching of tickets on regular airlines. All airlines cannot be verified, therefore it is better to use search engines, aggregators that collect information about price. Many airlines and agencies of sales of tickets and give it in a convenient way. With the help of such search engines of tickets are very easy to find the cheapest options (offers are sorted by price) in the desired direction. There are several search engines and for the most part they all have similar features. To search for cheap ticket very simple, just enter the desired direction and select the date of the flight. There are published on the websites of promotions and special offers from airlines – it’s very convenient for those who are still undecided where he wants to go on a journey. Sometimes you can fly to Europe for 5000 rubles including all taxes and surcharges round-trip on the shares of some airlines.

Search and choice of accommodation it is an important point according to Spellcaster Maxim. Searching and booking hotel is the second necessary step, in addition to purchase air ticket when you are planning independent travel. Some experienced travelers do not book hotels in advance, but if you have little experience of independent travel, it will be better to find and book your hotel in advance before traveling. There are many sites for booking hotels at the Internet. It has already hundreds of thousands hotels worldwide, this system is well established. Many of them are accustomed to certain reservation systems (for example As in the case of tickets, Maxim recommends to use a special search engine for hotels, for example maps, which compares the offers from various booking systems. Thus, it is possible to choose the best deal on a specific hotel. To help with the choice of hotel you can read reviews at the sites and the reservation systems.

travel alone around the world

Different hotel booking sites work differently. Some of them offer to pay for the hotel and other book without prior payment. Pay directly at check-in, the first option gives more guarantees that the room will be booked for you, and in the second case the description is easier to cancel.

The process of finding and booking hotels similar to flight search, the main difficulty in this to find the most suitable option (with the case of hotels this can help reviews).

You have one another advantage from Spellcaster Maxim is getting visa by your own. In the world 130 countries, where ordinary people for example from Russia do not need a visa or permit stamped on arrival — that’s more than half of the world!

At the same time, there are countries that represent the great interest for travelers. The visa process is much easier than it seems at first glance. Maxim received a visa in the U.S. (2 times), Europe (France), China, Myanmar and in one case it was not necessary to contact the travel Agency. All the work of travel agents consists in the sending of documents to the visa center and they take quite a lot of money. When Spellcaster needed a visa to France, I’ve seen suggestions of travel agencies that reached 500-600 euro for assistance in obtaining visas.

Spellcaster Maxim collected the necessary documents and went to France visa application center in Moscow ( it is like a simple example) After 3 days he got the Schengen visa, it cost him 70 Euro (35 Euro consular fee 35 euro visa services center). You can contact the Consulate directly, then the visa will take more time, but you can save 35 euro.

The visa process is very simple according to Spellcaster Maxim review. It is described on the websites of the embassies (or consulates) of the country concerned. All you have to do is to find the website of the Embassy (or nearest visa application centre if there is one), look at the list of required visa documents and make an appointment (if necessary). Often for visa receiving is enough only passport, air tickets, hotel reservation and insurance. After that you just have to submit the documents and wait when you will be given a visa. There is nothing complicated. Especially easily by yourself to get a Schengen visa, given that in recent times throughout the country opens a lot of new visa application centers in Europe.

It should be noted that in some countries (like Japan) without the services of travel agencies to obtain a visa much more difficult, so in this case the travel Agency can be justified.

If you also have any travel experience that you want to share with the community then write for us a travel post.

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