Amsterdam is one of the very best city to visit in the world


Amsterdam is one of the very best city to visit in the world, there are various things that one can do or visit as shown below.


Visit the Jordaan for the modern art galleries:
This was preserved for the black clad galleries but initiary was home for the working class. There are more than 40 specialist galleries found here occupying the former homes or shops. Jordan galleries which display art include Galleria Diana stinger and the illuminating torch.

Historic churches:
Religion has played an important role in Dutch life despite the bohemian front. The oldest church found in the city is called oude kirk which has existed since the 15th century. This is one place you cannot fail to take pictures of.

Beat gig venues:
Merkweg and paradiso is one place you will occasionary visit if you are a lover of music. You will enjoy watching fantastic rock bands performing and going home is one thought that will never close your mind. You cannot help spending an extra hour at such places.

Drink in Amsterdam’s best bars:
Here you get the chance of interacting with the locals as you enjoy a drink. Drinks are in plenty to suite everyone’s taste. The bars during the weekends are not closed till 3 am. Therefore there is plenty of time to quench your thirst.

Anne Frank Museum:
This museum gives the Jewish history. The museum was home for Ann frank a Jewish girl who hid their together with her family when the Jews were being persecuted by the Germans during the second world war in 1933. This is a very popular place so to avoid long queues arrive early enough or book earlier.

The secret gardens:
Bejijnhof is a serene courtyard with a garden free from the city noise and gives you an ample time to appreciate the nature as you enjoy a cool breeze. It was established in the 14th century for religious purposes. It is the most preferred place of worship for the local English community.

Indonesians restaurants:
The restaurants serve the food of choice for celebratory meals. The restaurants were opened by rich Indonesian immigrants when they were granted independence and were very popular during those times and up to now still hold their reputation.

Vintage shopping

If you have a desire to discover the multi ethnic of Amsterdam visit the flea markets. They provide a great and unexplainable insight of the life in Dutch. Their neighbours also have their own markets and sell all sorts of marine food such as eels to both tourists and locals and the prise is always pocket friendly therefore no need to worry a lot.

Picnic in the vondelpark.
This is the best place to be for a has the largest green space Amsterdam can afford to offer. During summer people gather here to smoke wine dine drink and also feast is usually a cultural hub for many both locals and tourists. Kids gather here to dance and party together with their parent’s friends and relatives.

There so many things that Amsterdam can offer some not discussed but are worth mentioning such as, rent an Amsterdam bike and cycling, the canal belt and the flower shops.

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