8 Insider Travel Tips & Tricks: What We’ve Learned About Travelling

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Travelling to new destinations is the best feeling ever. It enables you to visit new places, encounter new people and have a chance to experience different cultures of the people. Knowing the tips and tricks of travelling spices up your entire experience. The following trips and trick will help you add more fun to your travelling.

Read the required documents in advance

Make sure before the flight or arriving at the airport you have confirmed the required documents. For instance, you should make sure that your passport is valid for the next six months from taking the flight. In domestic flights, you may need a photo identification document such as a driving license. You should avoid last minutes rush and anxieties that is brought when you are not sure if you have them.

Choose the right seat and select your seatmate carefully

Travelling should be a stress-free process from the mind to the surrounding environment. Therefore choosing the right seat makes you feel more comfortable and even the journey becomes shorter. If you are travelling alone you may choose to seat at the seat near the window. This will allow you to have a better view and little disturbance. Your seat partner plays a part in ensuring your journey is sweet or is boring as hell. Choose a partner that will have little or no disturbance preferably your age mate or a person who doesn’t have children. We are all aware of how sometimes children can be a bother to you when they start making noise or moving up and down.

Tips for travelling with kids

It sometimes happens that you must travel with your children to another country or region and you will be forced to fry. You should be a creative thinker so as to avoid them being troublesome in the journey. Here are some tricks that you should apply when travelling with kids.

  • Carry an umbrella stroller with you as a carry-on luggage. When you enter the plane you should inform a flight attendant to keep it safe for you and collect it later. This will reduce the energy and stress of carrying the toddler from arrivals to baggage claim in the hips.
  • You should allow the kids to boarding the plane early in case you are travelling with your partner. It’s an advantage as they will secure the seats for you and also they will help you to enjoy the so-called “families with small children” privileges.
  • When you are traveling with kids alone and you can’t handle all of them, be friendly to your neighbors and flight attendants. They will help you carry some of the kids. These neighbors may be people such as grannies who are friendly to children.
  • Don’t forget to pack a lot of toys which keep the kids busy. They will keep them occupied and thus will have little or no bother.
  • Check if the airport has children play zone where you can allow your kids to play
  • During periods of times when the Security queues are long, you don’t have to wait for long times with the kids. You are supposed to check for the family lanes at the security check-in. These lanes are less congested and thus move slightly fast.

By following these tips you can be assured of smooth travel experience.

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Always carry a hoodie

The popularity of the hoodies has increased and its use spread like a bushfire. It is mostly worn by the teenagers and youths. Despite being worn as the current trend in fashion, hoodies are one of the best garments to use while travelling. This is because the slip of the foodie will make you lost to your own world that is free of noise and light in instances when you want to sleep or meditate. The joy of slipping the foodie is felt when you put on the earphones or the headphones and listens to a cool music. The feeling in indescribable.

Carry an internet ready device

With the advancement in the technology, most of the places have reliable internet connections. Therefore carrying a ready to connect internet devices such as smartphones or laptops will spice up your experience. This is because you can be able to stream live, chat with friends on different social media platforms or listen to music particularly when the journey is long.

Pack smart

When going out for a holiday tour, keep in your mind that you are not going to stay there forever and therefore the need to be smart in packing. Pack only the clothes that you will need and are less bulky. Also, remember to pack the clothes that suit the places you are travelling. For instance, if your holiday destination demands a lot of walking or mountain climbing you may decide to pack light shoes such as rubber and sports shoes. The luggage you pack should be manageable and not too bulky and if possible one bag should be used to make travelling easier.

Teach yourself a local language

Am aware of how hard it can be to for one to learn a new language but when a little effort is added one can be able to know basic words. Memorize few words such as greetings, saying thank you and other few words. This will make the members of the local community proud of you and you will receive a warm welcome than you expected. Where the language cannot be learnt, try to use gestures and facial expressions that show your willingness to communicate.

Carry extra top during your flight

The temperature in the plane keeps on changing and there is a need to be always ready for such. When the temperatures are too high you may loosen some clothes and when the temperatures are low you may use you extra top to cover yourself.

Other than the methods explained above, another tip that I have learned about traveling is the importance of a tour guide. They are very important when you are visiting places such as cultural monuments and may help you discover many new things that you can imagine.

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