5 Vegetarian Meals to Try When in Bhutan

Vegetarian Meals Bhutan

International holiday packages do not always have to be pricey to give you the best experiences. One destination to which you can travel and create unforgettable memories is Bhutan. Located on the border of China and India in the Himalayas. Bhutan is on the map as the happiest place in the world. One way to get a taste of what makes it such a wonderful place is to indulge in some traditional Bhutan cuisine. When buying Bhutan tour packages, you can select a vegetarian option to explore which is available even for group tours. It is important to note that you have the freedom to eat dishes of choice that do not contradict with your culture. In this post, we share 5 of the best vegetarian meals you can enjoy during your stay in Bhutan.

1. Ema Datshi

In the Bhutanese native language from the Dzongkha people, Datshi means cheese and Ema represents chilies. Datshi is used in a lot of dishes, and the one that stands out is Ema Datshi, a stew made from chilies and cheese. You can enjoy this dish with different meals. To prepare the meal, chilies are cut, deseeded, and ribs removed, then mixed with cheese, garlic, oil, and some water. Onions and tomatoes are sometimes added to the dish. The cheese is made from cattle, goat, or buffalo milk.

2. Red Rice

It is one of the main staple foods grown in the Bumthang region. The medium-grain variety is grown in the Eastern Himalayas, Paro Valley, where you find fertile soil and mineral-rich glacier water. It is partially milled so that it cooks faster than other rice varieties. Red rice is highly nutritious as it is high in gluten and rich in minerals. It is normally taken with Ema Datshi, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

3. Puta

The trekking, sightseeing, and various activities that characterize a Bhutan tour require proper nourishment to handle each task as it comes. Puta is a traditional Bhutanese noodle made from buckwheat. It is served boiled or stir-fried in oil. It can also be served as an alternative to rice. Vegetarian international holiday packages will take you to places that are known to offer the best dishes including Puta.

4. Momos

Momos are dumplings which are either fried or steamed. They are a traditional meal that is common in Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Momos can have stuffings of all sorts of vegetarian ingredients like cabbage, mixed spices, and cheese. Majority of the Bhutanese are vegetarians and only rely on animals for dairy produce and transportation.

5. Hoentay

When you are in Haa, take time to visit some of the best attractions in the country like Lhakhang Karpo and Jigme Khesar. Making a detour to Haa Valley also allows you to enjoy the best Hoentay dumplings. They are made from buckwheat filled with a combination of spinach, turnip leaves, and special Philu cheese.

Closing up

You can visit Bhutan any time of the year and still get a unique experience during the tour, but the best time to travel Bhutan is from March to May when valleys are greener and flowers are blooming. Make sure that your Bhutan tour package allows you to visit places that feature the best views and restaurants that offer native vegetarian delicacies. There are lots of other awesome vegetarian dishes that you can try during your stay. Make your travel arrangements in time so you can enjoy not only the weather and less traffic but also enjoy cheap flights, accommodation, and transportation. Established holiday package suppliers allow you to book Bhutan tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and other locations in India. Search for reputable suppliers online to buy a Bhutan tour package. Bon Voyage!

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