Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Attractions Thailand

Thailand is the place of dreams, especially for honeymooners. The people especially Muslims who are looking for ‘WOW’ factor during their Muslim-friendly holidays, Thailand has the places to go. If you really want to enjoy in a friendly ambience and looking for some unique experience without abiding your Islamic practise. This country is now offering the best services to the Muslims. In terms of food, travel spots and all of the adventure sports, this country has something spectacular to offer its tourist. If you’re looking for the hospitable and adventurous, halal holiday plans, here is the list of some must-see places in Thailand.

Must-See Places in Thailand

Artists, travellers and the seekers of freedom and love enjoy this mesmerizing land. Photographers can find the inspiration whereas as writers will get a new idea for their new project. This is the place for highly enthusiast travellers, artists and entrepreneurs too. There is a tourist guide to Thailand, just don’t miss any thrill of your wonderful journey to the historical and cultural marvels.

  1. Phuket

This city offers you a diversity of culture and a rich variety of experiences. Beaches and national parks are the specialities of this city. Wildlife experience is something that no tourists can ever forget. The common experiences to enjoy in Phuket are the underwater thrill, heritage and delicious Thai food.

  1. Chiang Mai

The artisans land is Chiang Mai in Thailand. The coffee shops and the breath-taking beauty of the city are worth exploring. Even if this city is not on a list, for now, you can always keep it as an alternative option.

  1. Bangkok

Luxurious and high life of Bangkok offers the best itinerary to the travellers. It is the city for the people who are enthralled by the experience. This city has a never-ending list of attractions. Enjoy the nightlife or spend time relaxing at the beach.

  1. Karabi

You may have heard about the gipsies, merchants in your history books. This is the region where it all gets real. Not exactly like the book fantasy but you will find the fantastic experience around this coastline.

  1. Chon Buri

It is a small town found in the region of Thailand. The area has a peaceful ambience that excites any tourists who seek tranquillity on the trip. You’ll be served with best of the accommodations and all of the amenities that you need. This is one of the places that every foreigner enjoys.

  1. Phang Naga

It is famous for its bay, spectacular culture and geological wonder. This is the ideal land that is fascinating tourists for many years.

Almost every one of us is looking for a break to get lost somewhere. Thailand has multiple options for the foreigners to come and enjoy the peaceful journey. Admire the beauty, find out the enchanting history of the country and relax at the mind-blowing beaches. It is a great chance to choose a Muslim friendly holiday to the country that offers an amazing richness in the culture.

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