The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List 2019

Road Trip Packing

Summer is here, and everyone’s excited about their summer trips. And as for you, my friend, I know what you are doing here. Summer trips mean of the most dreaded preparation activity = packing! But you need not to worry! I have compiled for you a long list of items that you are going to pack for your summer trip to make it absolutely awesome! So, are you ready?

  • ToiletriesToiletries travel

Toiletry supplies always make the top of the list, you can’t even imagine going on a trip without them, or you would be risking your hygiene. Unless you are willing to spare some bucks at shampoo in your destination city. A few products that your toiletry bag might need are:

  • A toothbrush/toothpaste
  • A small bottle of body wash
  • A shampoo
  • A hair conditioner
  • A body lotion
  • A hand sanitizer
  • A deodorant
  • Makeup removing wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products

I also like to sneak in an epilator; it helps keep the skin looking flawless.

  • A collapsible water bottlecollapsible water bottle

Reusable water bottles make a huge difference in the amount of plastic that is being used by people. The culture of consumerism is hurting our ecosystem, and we must take our actions into account. Instead of buying water ten times a day, carry a refillable water bottle and fill it up whenever you find a clean or filtered water source.

  • Travel pillow

I don’t know who invented this pillow, but I believe he/she was a genius. Travel pillows can help you fall asleep quite easily. Long hours at road can get quite tiresome if you don’t get some sleep; therefore, I recommend that you use travel pillows.

  • Eye maskEye mask

Those of you who have a habit of sleeping in a pitch-black room might find it difficult to nap during a road trip. An eye mask can be very helpful in such situations, and it can help you sleep even during the day.

  • Power bank

Another gadget that you might need to bring on your road trip is a power bank. Road trips are unpredictable, and you might not get a chance to charge your phone for a couple of days or more. In such circumstances, the power bank can be helpful. These portable chargers make sure your phone doesn’t die. Invest in a quality power bank, so it doesn’t betray you during the trip. To find the best products see this: bank

  • Board games

Long afternoons on road trips can get quite boring. Always pack cards or a board game when you leave for a road trip. So that when you take those little breaks during the trip you and your family wouldn’t get bored.

  • A garbage cangarbage can

I am the strictest advocate against littering. It is not acceptable to litter the roads while you travel through them. Keep a portable garbage can in your car and empty it in a garbage can beside the road or on a gas station, whenever you find one.

These are a few items that can make your trip comfortable and fun; I hope this helps. Have fun!

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