Take Advantage Of The Time and Prepare Yourself For The Ride

Prepare Yourself For Ride

Due to the effects of coronavirus, entire countries are on lockdown. The government is suggesting and forcing everyone to stay at home. More than 40 U.S. states are putting everything on the line to protect people from the spread and control the spread control coronavirus. Of course, lives, economy, and social interaction all around the globe is disturbed. It is downright, shocking and scary because it is nothing like the human race has ever faced. Our goal here is not to scare you about this pandemic, but the fact that we have to maintain a social distance is new and strange.

Staying at home and social distancing has become our first line of defense. We hopefully get past this pandemic, but until then we have to do what is necessary to limit its spread. During this time it has come down to this fact that either or not should you ride. The answer is not a simple and straight one. Many of the riders still take out their motorcycles and go for short rides, while many suggest you should not do so. This, or that, touring and long distance rides are off the table. During this time you can explore the local areas and go for short rides. Try to be at home the more you can, but when going out for a ride make sure to wear proper motorcycle gear. To buy all motorcycle gear, luggage, and apparel you can explore Motorcycle House.

Learn new skill

During this time you can learn a lot of new skills related to riding. For instance, you can take your motorcycle to the parking lot and practice turns, avoiding the road obstacles, and maneuvering. Learn how to do basic repairs yourself like changing oil, cables, tightening the lever, chain, brake pads etc. utilize this time to learn and do the things you have been meaning to.

Do maintenance and repairs

You can use this time to bring back your motorcycle to its tip-top shape. Do the repairs and maintenance it needs or even do the modifications you have always wanted to. After all, it is better than sitting at home looking at your bike and doing nothing. Check spokes, axel, spark plug, and bolts, if they are missing, loose or need replacement.

Having the air filter clean and clear is like you need to breathe freely. If the motorcycle cannot breathe free, it will cause the engine to put more power when it is not needed. Replace and clean it on time and it will increase the life of your bike. The same goes for the spark plug. When was the last time you replaced it? See, you don’t know because we ignore it more than anything. This is the time you can do deep and proper inspection of your bike and do repair and maintenance where needed.

Learn to maintain and repair the bike yourself

If you didn’t already know how to maintain and repair the bike yourself, and never felt the need to do so, then this is the time. Knowing these basic skills is crucial when you go on trips. Especially when there is no fellow rider, repair shop, and anyone else near to help you. Knowing how to make the bike get to a mechanic is better than being stranded. If you often go on tours and long distance trips than learning, these skills are one of the most important ones. With coronavirus lockdown you now have proper time to learn this. So don’t waste it just lying around, getting bored and learning things that you can use later on.

Ride inside

If you don’t want to go out, that is a good thing. But it cannot put down the urge to ride, or maybe you do not want to ride alone but cannot calm the tick in your legs. Then worry not because there still is a way. You may invest in a smart trainer and jump on it to ride in an interactive world. Check out where these interactive world tour rides are and how you can join the professional heroes and ride alongside.

This is especially important and good for you if you are not feeling well. Either it is anything just a cold or flu or something else you should keep in and enjoy yourself in the virtual world. Reducing the spread of any illness is our first responsibility.

Get the map and ride local

If you feel like riding outside and investing in an interactive gear is something you cannot do, then get out. Of course, you should not do long distance rides and tours. So, you can explore the local area, go to the store on the bike, ride around a few blocks, explore the local area/

Don’t ride with a passenger

If you are going on a ride, make sure you are keeping the distance. Keep the distance from other riders, keep your face covered.

Take care of Hygiene

Taking care of your hygiene is very important. Before getting on the bike, clean it with an antiseptic solution. Wash your hands before and after stepping off the bike. Hand sanitizer is a portable and quick way to do so. It is better to keep one with you on the ride. Avoid hand shakes, but if you have to shake hands, clean them with sanitizer afterwards. Also, clean the grips and saddle with sanitizer after you get off the bike.

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