Staying Cool Riding Motorcycle During Hot Weather

Riding Motorcycle Hot Weather

During the winters we like to cover ourselves up and it protects us from the cold and abrasions, provided that you wear protective motorcycle riding gear. Not wearing protective riding gear can hurt you bad even if you are riding comparatively slow. If you haven’t already bought then go to motorcycle house and get a complete collection of men’s and women’s riding gear. Explore more for motorcycle luggage and apparel.

Riding with motorcycle gear becomes a problem in summers when you have to lose your comfort in order to protect yourself. This compromise on comfort is worthwhile because nothing is more important than safety and life. But riding in hot season does not have to be a torture for you. Thus, we came up with some ideas and clothing material for you so that you can be at maximum comfort.

Apparel fabric


Leather offers the best protection against abrasion but during hot weather you will be sweating in it a lot. Perforated leather is an option you can go for, it has small holes punched which let the air pass through and keep you cool. But make sure the leather piece of apparel you are buying has CE-approved protection pads. Mostly the jackets have it on the shoulder and elbows. Having it on the back and chest too is even better. The protective pad will reduce the severity of impact protecting your vital body parts. For pants, protection at knees and hips will keep you safe.

Mesh and textile

The combination of mesh and textile is specially designed for hot weather. It is far better at keeping you cool, but it falls a point below the leather in regard of abrasion protection. One of the best things about textile is, it is lighter, better water repellent, cleaning and maintenance is easier, unlike leather.

Moving on, you have to make sure of the CE-approved protection at vital body parts for both the jacket and the pants. Some jackets have the removable internal thermal liner feature. This way you can use them during winters too.


Ventilation is an important aspect for summer riding jackets. Zippered ventilation vents on the chest and back allow the air to enter from chest vents and exit from the back vents. This prevents sweating and keeps the rider cool. The best thing is that you can open or close the vents with one hand when needed.


Leather gloves cause sweating and irritation. While textile gloves can offer the same advantages with less weight, better ventilation, long life, and are easier to care for. Just like the apparel, perforated leather gloves are the ones you should go for if you want leather. But still be careful because they will hold on to the sweat. Long and constant use can make the situation worse. At all costs avoid the gloves that are not made for motorcycle riding because they will not provide needed protection and might even not be good for summer riding.


Wearing a helmet is a must. While there are cases going on to prevent the use of helmets necessary, and some states have even allowed riding motorcycles without a helmet. But I believe otherwise. Just think for a second, you cannot keep your head off the ground when you would fall from a speeding bike. If you somehow keep it off the ground, then chances are it will hit something else along the way. Without a proper riding helmet, i.e. the one that complies with European standards, DOT, SNELL etc., you will hurt badly.

Severe head injury is the most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents, and these are where the rider was not wearing a helmet. As much as you might hate it, a helmet can save your life and lots of money.

There are a lot of helmets available with good ventilation. Little vents here and there will keep the air flowing. It might not be as good as air conditioning, but it is better than not wearing a helmet. Compromising comfort for a while to save your life and thousands of dollars is totally worth it. Open face helmets are better at keeping you cool, but they compromise the safety too. I strongly recommend wearing a full face helmet with a DOT certification, at least.

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