Singapore’s Top 10 Cocktail Mixologists

Best cocktail in singapore

Enjoying a glass of wine or a pint of cold beer can be quite straightforward, but when the night calls for cocktails, I only rely on top-notch professionals to mix them up. Here are Singapore’s 10 best mixologists you should check out:

Aki Eguchi from Jigger and Pony

Jigger pony singapore | aki eguchi

Photo from Asia Bars

This Japanese native who is a two-time winner of Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender Singapore heads a popular watering hole on Amoy Street with his precise cocktail techniques honed in his homeland. Aki has a penchant for reviving long forgotten classic cocktails. Eguchi’s award-winning Bitter Gimlet is stellar — a playful twist to the Gin Tonic using Fever Tree Tonic reduction and bergamot essence.

Ricky Paiva from Manhattan at Regent Singapore

ricky paiva from manhattan at regent singapore

Photo from Smart Local

California- born Ricky looks like a true Speakeasy drinks peddler – most notably with his impressive Dalí-style moustache. Ricky says he is a storyteller, and really likes to tell stories with his cocktails. When I craft a cocktail, I look deep into the history of the bottle and come up with a narrative says Ricky. Last of the Oaxacans combining mezcal, ginger syrup and Mombasa brewed ginger beer is my favourite so far.

Peter Chua from 28 Hong Kong Street

peter chua from 28 hong kong Street

Photo from Diageo Reserve World Class

Peter was crowned both Singapore and SEA World Class Bartender of the Year 2014 for a reason. This guy started off his career by making cocktails at his bosses party where his amazing talent was spotted. To Peter, the “perfect cocktail” doesn’t exist — it’s actually a matter of making a cocktail that’s perfect for the customer. Everybody has different palettes, and there’s no drink that will cater to everybody.  Mixing Don Julio Blanco, dry vermouth, homemade bell pepper and coriander syrup with fresh lime, gomme syrup and absinthe in a glass rimmed with seaweed salt Peters Calypsos Mercy won the hearts of the judges at the contest, so expect magic from behind the 28HK Street as well.

Louis Tan from L’Aiglon

louis tan from L’Aiglon

Photo from Diageo Reserve World Class

Louis loves putting together flavours that don’t seem like they would work together into creative mixtures that are sure to please anyones taste buds. I stumbled upon L’Aiglon pop- up bar at Creatory SG event and indulged in a Popcorn Extravagant: taking culinary cues from classic French culture, “Buerre Noisette” is fat-washed in Boyd & Blair Vodka, to create a creamy texture unique to its own and the addition of Cocchi Americano adds enough sweetness to affirm the illusion of presence of caramel. Yum!

Tom Hogan from Anti:dote

tom hogan from antidote

Photo from Travel & Beyond

Tom is literally a fine artist himself having studied at the School of the Fine Arts Institute of Chicago and his art reflects in the creation of his drinks. He is all about using fresh ingredients for the cocktails opposed to store-bought ones. He is a firm believer that fresh ingredients increase the quality of cocktails dramatically. We loved his Remedy cocktail with its zesty blend of blanc vermouth, mango, bergamot, citrus and tequila.

Kevin Petrie from Secret Mermaid

kevin petrie from secret mermaid

Photo from Time Out Singapore

New kid on the block, Kevin heads the hidden speakeasy bar at the bustling Raffles MRT station. Kevin Petrie designed a straightforward cocktail list to enhance the flavors of the spirit. We love his Negroni of Alaska fireweed vodka, Campari and Aperol with a hint of grapefruit.

Nicholas Quattroville from The Library

nicholas quattroville from the library

Photo from Wild Turkey

Australian- born Londoner Nicholas helmed the W Hotel London bar prior to moving to Singapore.  The Library has a strict no-photography rule and entrance only granted by a secret password, but its all worthwile for Nicholas seriously delicious and creative tipples, such as Shrub-a-Dub-Dub, a gin-and vermouth-based punch served in a mini bathtub with rubber duckies or Hey Pesto which is mixed with basil gin, roasted pine nuts, apricot and fresh lemon soda.

Adrian Battle from Catalunya

adrian battle from catalunya

Photo from Asia Tatler

Adrian made it into the cocktail world at the age of 16 while pouring beers at his fathers bowling club. Ever since hes been a travelling bartender exploring new frontiers around the world. He thinks that the best part about bartendering is travel and opportunity to meet new people in front and behind the bar. His Singapore Skyr consists of Reyka Vodka, Vanilla syrup, Strega liquer, Kunmel liquer and cream. Yes, please!

Ethan Leslie Leong from Maison de Ikkoku

ethan leslie leong from maison de Ikkoku

Photo from City Nomads

Ethan is the creator of Asias Most Expensive Cocktail The Jewel Of Pangaea and winner of the Champions of The Bacardi Singapore Cocktails Search 2012. Armed with a bar stocked full of treasures and some serious mixology skills, Ethan will always surprise you with whatever he thinks you might enjoy that particular evening. There is no menu as such, so just tell Ethan what youre in the mood for and the base of the cocktail, leave the rest in his hands. Trust me, you wont be disappointed.


Steve Leong from Tess Bar & Kitchen

steve leong from tess bar & kitchen

Photo from Pinterest

Steve is often refered to as Singapores most friendly tenders. He puts a lot of heart into making cocktails and loves interacting with his guests. Diageo World Class Singapore’s top 10 finalist Steve Leong, who used to be part of the Bitters & Love team, has found a new home in Tess Bar & Kitchen. Located in a quaint shop house along Seah Street (opposite Raffles Hotel), here’s where you can savour Steve’s award-winning bak kut teh-inspired Tanqueray No. 10 cocktail along with other creative concoctions.

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