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Oil spill pollution and Norilsk Nickel’s measures to eliminate it

norilsk nickel pollution control

Pollution, Norilsk Oil Spill and other severe challenges to Norilsk Nickel to cope with

Norilsk Nickel actively combats pollution on all the levels. It does not only participate in diverse ecological projects locally and globally but also tries its best in order to eliminate the consequences of industrial production.

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel pays attention to environmental issues and problems connected to climate change and global warming and provides financial support for solving the consequences of these two processes.

Recently, a massive fuel spill happened in Norilsk due to the melting of permafrost and Nornickel still fights pollution which was caused by this ecological tragedy.

This article will overview the main environmental protection activities and projects that Norilsk Nickel is involved in and show how they contribute to the decrease of Norilsk pollution level.

How Nornickel Combats Pollution Caused by a Massive Fuel Spill

A massive diesel fuel spill that happened in Norilsk recently became a huge catastrophe for the Arctic region and had a huge impact on the region’s environment.

Some authorities do not want to accept that they have been warned by lots of scientists about the possibility of this incident before. They keep blaming Norilsk Nickel though this industrial giant is known as an eco-friendly corporation that sets environmental protection as one of its main goals.

Although the company is not the one in charge of the tragedy, it understands the importance of immediate actions and that is why it has already started clean-up works and provided full financial assistance and support to those who are involved into the process of elimination of the consequences caused by this spill.

It is evaluated that the damage can cost about $3.5BN and Norilsk Nickel is ready to cover all the expenses related. Moreover, Nornickel plans to combat pollution and prevent such incidents in the future, that is why this industrial giant has asked ERM, the international organization that specializes on ecological issues, to investigate this case properly and prepare an independent assessment and examination of this environmental tragedy.

Even though a massive fuel spill investigation is one of the main projects now, Norilsk Nickel takes care of Norilsk pollution level and keeps implementing and working on other ecological projects that are devoted to environmental protection.

Nornickel takes care of various spheres and pays attention to:

It has a key project that is devoted to the reduction of dangerous SO2 emissions. The Sulphur project is the one the company has been working on for a long time. Let’s have a closer look and check what its main points and goals are.

Norilsk Nickel Fights Air Pollution and Reduces Emissions. Sulphur Project and its Main Goals

The Sulphur project has several stages and the first phase of it has already been completed. It resulted in:

Norilsk Nickel plans to continue removal works and it takes further steps within the Sulphur project. For instance, recently, Nornickel has signed the contract with STEP, an international organization that will be in charge of constructing the main project facilities.

Cooperation with STEP and Future Environmental Goals

Nornickel has been working with STEP since 2014 and this close cooperation has already led to great results. Now both organizations joined their forces in order to implement a sulphuric acid neutralisation project at Nadezhda Plant.

The parties are waiting for the design and development documents to be approved and the main goal of the Sulphur project at this stage is to reduce emissions in Norilsk by at least 45% vs 2015.

The Norilsk pollution level has already decreased dramatically and this phase of the Sulphur project should result in even more sufficient numbers.

However, Norilsk Nickel plans to combat pollution on all the levels and that is why it participates in different projects.

It has cooperation with BASF in Finland and they are working on the project the main aim of which is to contribute to sustainable battery supply development and minimize a carbon footprint by locating the works in one spot.

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel has organized the Great Norilsk expedition with the scientists from 14 RAS institutes. It plays a huge role in the investigation of the Arctic region and should result in a huge report that will:

It also continues to take care of water protection, biodiversity conservation and keeps investigating issues connected with climate change. Nornickel voluntarily provides information about greenhouse gases and tries its utmost to contribute to environmental protection on the global level.

All in all, Norilsk Nickel combats pollution on all levels and the results show that all the environmental projects and campaigns usually lead to successful results in the sphere of nature protection.

Nornickel takes part in diverse drafts locally and globally and pays special attention to the reduction of SO2 emissions as the leading industrial giant understands how bad they can be. Norilsk Nickel has been successfully working on the Sulphur project for several years and it has already resulted in a sufficient decrease of Norilsk pollution level.

Nornickel pollution control plans to invest more in the environmental project in the future as well as cooperate with more organizations and corporations that set environmental protection as one of their main priorities.

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