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What Are The Lesser Known Types of Accommodation Styles for Travel Plans?

types of accommodation styles perfect for travel plans

Photo by Paul Postema on Unsplash

The moment you start planning a trip, the first thing that comes to your mind is the accommodation options. In recent years the tourism industry, has seen a rise in several kinds of accommodation styles, starting from hotels to caravans, dormitories, tents, villas, homestays, cottages, etc. with so many options available in one place people find it very confusing to pick the perfect accommodation style.

Many accommodation styles available today are pocket-friendly and there is accommodation for every type of traveler in the world. Hence in this article, we will be talking about the lesser-known accommodation styles you can choose from.

There are two types of accommodations available:

  1. Catered accommodations
  2. Non-catered accommodations

What are Catered Accommodation Styles?

Tourists staying in catered accommodations are provided with lodging. The hotel’s food may or may not be included in the room rate. Any lodging is offered on a ‘room-only’ basis, with the option for the tourist to buy food for an additional fee. This is still considered a catered lodging choice.

Here are Some of the Catered Accommodation Styles

What is Non-Catered Accommodation Styles?

Accommodations that do not have meals are known as self-catered or non-catered. Cooking services, such as a small kitchen and cooking equipment, are available in self-catered accommodations. Non-catered lodging is likely to be a room-only facility with no catering facilities.

Here are Some of the Non-Catered Accommodation Styles

Image by Jan Claus from Pixabay


If you are someone who is not afraid to try out new things, then we would highly recommend to choose the lesser known accommodation styles so that you can experience something different than the usual hotels and motels that you have been staying in for years.

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