An Insider’s Guide to Traveling With Kids in Dubai

dubai travel with kids

If money and time is not a problem, almost everyone will visit the world. But traveling can become a disaster if you travel with young children.

But if you have the opportunity to explore the world, having kids should not put you off planning a trip to Dubai because there are plenty of ways to make your travel hassle-free. Besides, UAE is a family-centric country that can offer you support and help make your holiday happy for you and your little ones. Hotels in Dubai near the beach can make your trip even more exciting and memorable…

Easing Your Flight

1. Research the Airline

The key to flying with kids is to prepare before you go. Researching your airline and flight is crucial. Check how much luggage you can take and how to check in things like food for the kids and strollers.

This way, you won’t be removing things from your luggage at the airport minutes before your flight just because you didn’t know what and how things should be packed. Also, determine if your airline gives you priority boarding when you’re traveling with kids.

Also, make sure you inform your kids how long the journey will be. Remember that some flights can last around seven hours or more especially if you booked journeys with connections. Knowing all these will help take lots of hassles out of the trip.lisbon tours | best vacation destinations in Europe | Libson vacation trip

2. Bring Familiar Items

For most people, flying can be a terrifying experience. Though babies and little kids don’t understand what is going on, expect that there will be unusual sensations, sights, and smells for your little ones to cope with. Bringing a piece of home or familiar items for them can help them relax and sleep during the flight and trip.

You can pack their favorite blanket, teddy bear, and other well-loved toys. Bringing some of their toys is an excellent way of keeping them occupied during the long hours of flight as well.

3. Feed Them During Take-off or Landing

If you are traveling with babies, try to breastfeed or give them their bottle as the plane takes-off or lands because this can help them relax. The sucking sensation helps sooth ear pain that they can experience with the rapid change in air pressure.

Moreover, there are children who need feeding before going to sleep so there is a good chance that they’ll fall asleep during the flight.

4. Getting Around Dubaidubai tower

The easiest way to get around with your kids in Dubai is to drive a rental car. Make sure to have a car seat for your little ones. But if you choose to opt for taxis, know that most are not equipped with car seats which can be problematic.

Public transport is reliable, clean, and convenient but still, there could be limitations depending on where you want to get to. But once you have arrived at your destination and Dubia skyscrapers, there are different ways to keep your family entertained.

Family-Friendly Places to Visit

1. Water Parks

Dubai boasts of different water parks and child-friendly pools. These parks will give you an opportunity to play with your kids and keep them cool especially when it is hot. Make sure though to arrive early so you can get the best spot for you and your kids to lie down.

2. Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is a man-made canal that aims to cater tourists. Apart from its stunning views, the area is also easy to navigate with a stroller so you do not need to carry your kids.

Also, it is lined with great places to eat if you want to indulge in great meals and snacks and take a break from the heat. Moreover, it has a playground so your little ones can enjoy the swings.


Most restaurants have a menu suitable for children and a wide array of delectable foods for you as well. A lot of these establishments will be happy to cater to any changes you might need or if you want another plate for your kids.

Also, they will guide you to sun-free areas where you can sit down to eat so you will be protected from the extreme heat and damaging rays of the sun.

Where to Stayhotel fort canning singapore

Experience everything Dubai has to offer by staying at one of the prestigious hotels where the real essence of a warm and fun welcome is captured in breath-taking locations. Make your holiday unforgettable with a never-ending list of leisure and sports activities.

With horse riding activities, golf, water sports, clay shooting, and seaplane flights, there surely is an activity to suit your whole family.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe and fun holiday in Dubai. From family-friendly dining establishments to the best hotels, this beautiful city is an extraordinary place for you and your kids of all ages to visit.


Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”

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