How to Travel with Sports Equipment

how to travel with sports equipment

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“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”

—  Gustave Flaubert

Yes, those who travel regularly will understand it works like a dope. Today, we will share a related topic with you with more or less the same taste. The main heart of our topic will cover some essential tips on how to travel with sports equipment. So without further ado, let’s continue.

While thinking about traveling roughly some questions stings in the back of our head. In this part, we will try to develop some best tips and solutions to such queries. 

The Ultimate Guide to Travel with Sports Equipment

You should pack your golf equipment in a safety case, the same goes for the reels and fishing rods. Similarly, skis, surfboards, and snowboards should also be packed in a safety bag. For sports equipment like lading nets, tackle boxes, and fishing boots, you should follow the same rules too. Try to remove fins from boards. You can also carry golf simulators. Wondering how is it possible? Yes, you can do it if your simulator is portable. Don’t waste time looking for a portable simulator. Check out this list of 10 best golf simulators and you can easily find out the best one for you.

Rules for the transport of sporting equipment

If you have the free baggage allowance, you may carry your sporting equipment free of cost or charge. Regarding the weight of each piece, the limitations must be met, even the size of the sporting equipment may cross the limit. If your sports equipment exceeds the permitted limitation then a charge will be applied for you.


  • If your sports objects are not mentioned in the table, the common extra items of baggage prices are applied.
  • As there is not much of a space for sports equipment in the baggage due to different aircraft, there is a chance for not accepting a few items. For this reason within 24 hours you should let us know about your components, stating the overall size, weight, and dimension. Most importantly you should state the type of equipment you will be carrying. 
  • The highest number of limitations for weight is 45kg and. If your items exceed the limitation of 45 kg then you have to contact Cargo.
  • If you continue your journey with one other carrier, we will encourage you to get familiar with the baggage rules of such a page to avoid the disclaimer of your luggage.
  • Ski equipment also needs to be checked-in, one golf equipment is free of charge on LOT flights (except Canada and USA).
  • No charge for security guards’ guns.
  • National Flight: Poland
  • International flights: Europe, Middle East, North Africa
  • Intercontinental flights: USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Delhi, Columbo

Charges apply for carriage of sporting equipment. All fees apply one-way travel.

Sports equipment Domestic flights   (USD/PLN/CAD/EUR) International flights   (USD/PLN/CAD/EUR) Intercontinental flights   (USD/PLN/CAD/EUR/   JPY/KRW/HUF/SGD) Detail
Motor bike 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
children’s bike or a regular bike (no e-bike/ motorbike)
Archery equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a set of bow and arrow is packed in a safety holder.
Fishing equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a pair of fishing boots, two rods, a bag or a box, a tackle box or a landing net
Golf equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60
there are one set of golf clubs, golf balls, and tees, a pair of golf shoes
Hockey equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
In a hockey bag, there are hockey sticks, a helmet, a pair of ice skates, and a set of body protection
inline-skates 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
In an inline-skates, there is a set of body protection, a helmet, and a pair of inline skates
javelin 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
You will get a set of javelin equipment packed in a box
boogie board/
a board: such as water games
 kite surfboard 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a board, a kite
bowling equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a bowling ball, a bowling bag, a pair of shoes
parachute equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a set of parachute equipment which is packed in a vessel
alpinist equipment/
a backpack, a pair of climbing iron, 1 pair of shoes, and an ice pick
scuba equipment 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a diving mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, regulator, a lamp, an empty tank bottle
a set of body protection, a helmet, and a board
ski/water ski
a pair of poles, a pair of ski, a helmet, and a pair of boots
 snowboard 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a snowboard, a helmet, and a pair of boots
sporting or hunting guns, pistols, rifles plus ammunition (packed in a distinct container)
badminton equipment
balls and a set of rackets and packed in a different bag
surfboard 30/100/30/2570/250/90/60125/450/160/105
a board up to 2 meter
40/150/55/35125/450/160/105260/950/340/22529000/290000/355/72000a board, a boom a sail, a gear bag, and a mast
kayak 40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a kayak (no motor attached)
hang gliding
40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a set of hang gliding equipment packed in a container
horse riding
40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a saddle, a set of horse harness, a horsewhip, a pair of riding boots, a bareback pad, 1 set of polo sticks
longboard 40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a board exceeding 2 m
pole vault
40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a set of vaulting poles packed in a container
rubberd inghy 40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a rubber dinghy (not motor attached), 1 set of paddles
tandem bike 40/150/55/35 125/450/160/105 260/950/340/225
a tandem bike (not motor/not e-bike)
small lithium
Not allowed Not allowed Not allowedair wheel, solo wheel, hoverboard, mini-segway, balance wheel


Remember, Sporting or hunting weapons must be informed; and the charge applies if it is packed in a separate bag. One might carry small pieces of guns packed in regular baggage and are free of charge if it is within a free baggage allowance. 

Exception: Extra charge should be made by the departure in Italy up to 90 EUR, Great Britain – 50 GBP, Turkey – 30 EUR.

As per IATA recommendation, small battery-powered vehicles are not permitted to hand baggage or check with LOT Polish Airlines. For example, you can not hand baggage small lithium-battery-powered vehicles such as the solo wheel, hoverboard, air wheel, mini-segway balance wheel.

  1. Bring golf balls on a plane
    Yes, you are allowed to carry any type of sports balls, for example, you can carry basketballs, footballs, golf balls, bowling balls, etc. But you are not allowed to carry the boxing glove if it is important to carry then you should put it in your checked baggage.
  2. Do you have to pay extra charges to the airlines for golf bags?
    You are allowed to take your golf equipment on any flight. As long as your golf bags are within the weight limit you will not be charged. A golf bag will be counted as one of your checked bags. Things to consider: make sure to pack all your equipment in a hard-sided container.
  3. Are you allowed to carry a baseball glove on a plane?
    No, you cannot carry any types of metal equipment. You can take uniforms and gloves in the cabin. Yes, you can replace most other things but not those. The airline’s authority uses a Boombah roller bag for the baseball, cleats, bats, and catchers gear.
  • Are you allowed to carry packing clothes in your golf bag?

Yes, if you have enough space left inside your travel bag you can carry packing clothes. 

Things to remember

  • No one is allowed to carry any type of gel food or liquid items if it is bigger than 3.4 oz. 
  • The same goes for carry-on bags if it exceeds these limitations. 
  • Try to place them in your checked bags. 
  • The airline’s authority may also help travelers by showing them the direction of how they can separate items from carrying on bags. For example powder foods.

Safety Issues with Sports Equipment While Carry-on

As there is a chance for specific sports equipment to work as weapons that is why different countries’ security organizations do not allow you to take specific sports equipment to carry with. 

Just to make you more clear here we have given some examples. You are not allowed to carry with your baseball or cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, ski poles, sporting or hunting knives, pool cues, bows, and arrows, etc. Finally, you can only take these items with you if you put these things in your checked luggage following the airline’s rules.


In this article, we have tried to develop all the essential issues and guidelines for traveling with sports equipment. Now if you have anything more to know, ask us. We have a strong research team that is always ready to help you. Before leaving, do as a little favor by sharing your opinion as it will drive us to work more efficiently.

Happy traveling!

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