How to Have Amazing Time in Prague on a Budget

Budget Travel Prague

Prague is a beautiful city that you just have to visit. So you are planning a trip there for your vacation or romantic getaway, but you are on a tight budget. What do you do? Don’t worry, no need to panic. With the help of the tips you will get here, you are going to have one of the most memorable trips of your entire life. All you have to do is make use of some of our highly recommendable and practical tips on how to have an amazing time in Prague on a budget.

So sit back, enjoy the ride because you are about to be hit with probably the best travel tips you can get.

What I have noticed is that it is almost impossible to remove overpriced traps completely. No matter how savvy, prudent or smart you are, the locals still know their won city better than you. Fret not, you will be okay and that budget, you won’t go beyond it.

  1. It is better when you walk on your own

See it on a free walking tour. You are in a new city, you don’t know most areas, maybe you are even with your partner or spouse. Even better, there is no better way of enjoying a foreign city than enjoying it firsthand yourself. Prague is a friendly city with friendly people (don’t worry, there won’t be any Amy Schmumer’s Snatched scenario here), so when you are confused about where to go next, just ask someone for your way out. It is as simple as that.

Don’t forget to take a map along.

  1. Go to museums for free – at the right time

Before many of Prague’s museum used to have a free package for tourists but this tradition seems to have stopped lately. Nevertheless, you can still get free entry into the museums on some certain days – public holidays or national days and Prague Museum Night in June. Also, each museum has its Museum Night on a different night, so you can just visit each museum on the days they are free. That way, you get the complete package. Don’t worry, you are not being cheap, you are just on a budget.

Also, museums offer reduced fees for certain exhibitions for different reasons such as October 28 which is the anniversary of the founding of the Czech Republic.

  1. Get Cheap Eats, Sip wine from the cheap wine glass brands, and budget-friendly beers

One mistake tourists make when keeping to a budget is to spend a lot of their money on feeding. As we all know, nothing is better than foreign food, for some reason it just tastes better. So tourists fall victim of this weakness and go out of their budget to satisfy the cravings of their stomach.

When in Prague, you can enjoy carb-rich traditional Czech food which is as tasty as anything you can get. Also, they come for cheap prices. Local shops in the Old Town of the city serve goulash, potatoes, and dumplings for as little as $7. You can also get a lunch special if you go at the right time (usually around 2 pm and 2:30 pm).

Prague offers you the as much cheap beer as possible as you want. You can get as much beer as you want in the beer garden and lounges of U Fleku. Trust me; you are going to have a nice time.

Getting a cheap wine is also important – you can easily get budget-friendly wine glass brands in Prague that will make your stay even more comfortable.

Other tips that would ensure you have an amazing time on a budget in Prague is getting budget accommodation, getting cut-price family-friendly fun packages (if you are in Prague with your family) and going to parks and picnics. Spend wisely on your wine menu as well as the wine glass brands of your choice – Bohemia Crystal will reflect the Bohemian history of the city.

Enjoy your stay in Prague.

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