Guide to the 5 Most Scenic Beaches in the World

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Everyone just want to have the best beach trips when they are going on their holiday vacations. The best beach always has some special scenic features that set them apart from other beaches. The following are the top 5 most scenic beaches in the world.

1. Navagio Beach

navagio beach | best beaches in world

Navagio Beach is a small beach that features a curved steep white cliff as the backdrop. The best time to visit Navagio Beach is in April. Some tourists arrive on this beach by boat. The beach has some tall waves so be careful when you are getting off the boat. You can drive along the cliff to get a good view of the ocean. There aren’t any lounge or umbrella at the beach. Most people just come to the beach to take photos. Navagio Beach is also known as Shipwreck Beach because there is an abandoned wrecked ship there. The water is blue and beautiful. Navagio Beach is for you if you like to go to hard to reach beach.

2. Grace Bay

Grace Bay is an award winning beach in the northeastern coast of Providenciales. It has received many awards like World Travel Beach Destination from World Travel Awards. It is a pristine beach with white sand. It is comfortable to walk on the seaside as you will not encounter any sharp rock or trash or seaweed below your feet. If you enjoy strolling, you can walk the entire 7 miles stretch from Through Point to Turtle Cove Marina. The bay is a property of the Princess Alexandra National Park. Tourists can enjoy parasailing at the beach.

3. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Many people visit Cannon Beach to see the haystack rock. There are a few small boulders nearby to the huge boulder. You won’t realize how big the boulder is until you go there to see for yourself. Only limited parking is available. Bathroom is accessible at the parking lot. Lots of restaurants and shops line the street. The backdrop of the haystack boulders makes it the ideal place for tourists to take photos. There are also lots of tufted puffins that visit the beach. Sometimes, you can also observe sea lions stretching out themselves on the seaside.

4. Agiba Beach

Agiba Beach

Agiba Beach is a small beach located to the western part of Marsa Matruh in Egypt. The term, Agiba means miracle in Arabic. The beach can get quite crowded in the summer. It has strong waves and is not suitable for toddlers. You can take the small bus that stops at the National Bank of Egypt to reach the beach. There is another beach in a short distance east of the hilltop at Agiba. This gated beach, also called Agiba beach, is free to enter.

5. Radhanagar Beach

radhanagar beach

Radhanagar Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with blue waters in the Andaman Island, India. The sand is soft and there is no shell that will hurt your feet when you walk bare foot on the seashore. On this beach, you will find plenty of coconut trees. Tourists can carry out activities such as basking in the sun, and swimming at Radhanagar Beach. The entrance fee for the shower room and changing room is only 10 rupees. There are small stalls selling fruit and other types of fruits at the beach. The ideal season to visit the beach is from October to February.

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