Teamwork in the Sunshine: Tales from Our Fun Corporate Days Out

fun corporate days out

Image credit: RDNE Stock project from Pexels

With the summer season soon approaching, our company’s HR team had decided to take matters into their own hands with one simple mission; planning our team’s day out to the beautiful Windermere, Lake District.  

As an extrovert, the idea of a corporate days out seemed brilliant as I could experience the serenity of nature while bonding with my colleagues. Moreover, the idea of visiting Cumbria has always been a part of my bucket list so why wait any longer? 

The day for our annual corporate outing was finally here and suffice it to say I was stoked! 

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a tradition primarily designed to foster team spirit while momentarily stepping away from the confines of office walls? 

To serene mountains and the picturesque lakes – here we come!

The Day Is Finally Here

We all gathered early in the morning, full of enthusiasm and anticipation for the day ahead. I recall feeling a sense of excitement as I couldn’t wait to bask under the summer sun without a single care in the world. 

As we drove out of the city, we bid farewell to the hustle and embraced the calm of nature. However, halfway through our trip, life had other plans for us. We were taken aback by an unexpected turn. 

There was a startling groan from my automobile that was leading the group, and then a succession of sputters indicating trouble. When we came to a stop, I was horrified to see the exhaust system spewing smoke. 

This definitely wasn’t the beginning I had anticipated for our big corporate day out. It was obvious that we had reached a roadblock. Without wasting another minute, we quickly contacted a nearby mechanic and hoped for the best. 

He showed up with a smile and a box of handy of tools to quickly sort out our problem! In no time, we were back on the road thanks to the quick promptness shown by this skilled gentleman. 

Say Hello To Nature

Once the car was serviced, we continued on our way. The warmth and beauty of the lakeside with its serene waters and lush surroundings was a sight for sore eyes. 

I had never seen something as breathtaking as Windermere and was glad I participated in our day out. 

The idea for the day was straightforward yet ambitious: we would participate in a range of outdoor activities with our team that would test us, encourage cooperation and eventually strengthen our bond as a group. 

First activity: Trust Walk

The first activity on our tasklist was the ‘Trust Walk’ which seemed pretty straightforward: pairs were formed, and one person had to lead the other through an obstacle course while the other was blindfolded. 

Perhaps the only catch here was that one person would be blindfolded and the other would guide them simply by hearing them out. Personally, I struggle to trust anyone and having my eyes blindfolded only made matters worse. 

With little to no option, I took a deep breath and carefully followed the instructions my partner gave me. In hindsight, this experiment demonstrated the immense power of trust and communication. 

After a series of missteps, we finally managed to reach the finish line and were awarded the second place. Our loud sounds of laughter reverberated across the hills, setting the mood for the day. 

Second activity: Raft Building Challenge

The ‘Raft Building Challenge’ was the next item on our schedule where each group was given an identical set of supplies, which included barrels, ropes and logs. Our goal was to build a raft big enough to get the squad across the lake.

This experience transformed us from mere coworkers to well-skilled engineers, strategists and even builders, each bringing our special talents to the table. After innumerable discussions and exchange of ideas, our rafts started to take shape, however, the water was the real test.

Eventually, all the teams made it across successfully with some of them soaked to bits. This task however, was a great demonstration of our group’s ability to solve problems and the creative energy that thrives within our team.

A Lunch Is A Must

After a heavy day of playing team-building skills, we all decided to take a break and relax in the sun, sprawling on the lake’s pristine grass. It was also a time for casual conversation as I witnessed numerous office and personal stories being exchanged, and I couldn’t help but laugh. 

It was a reminder that we’re not just a group of individuals who work together, we’re people with different backgrounds and lives outside of work, each having something wonderful to share. 

With the day soon ending, we quickly moved on to our last activity which was meticulously planned by our HR. This was none other than the infamous, treasure hunt, an activity that challenged us to explore the natural world around us while looking for hidden clues. 

Every clue we solved and every item we found was a win, not only for the team who found it but for all of us because it brought us a step closer to winning the grand prize. 

This activity showed our true competitive nature. Teams worked together, shared clues and celebrated every discovery. It showed us that even in the face of adversity, there is a way to work together and still have respect for each other.

Parting Thoughts 

Our corporate day out wasn’t just an activity, it was an experience. From the first steps of the ‘Trust Walk’ to the triumphs of the ‘Raft Building Challenge’, we didn’t just come together as a team, we came together as a community. 

This sunny day, surrounded by nature’s beauty and facing challenges together, reminds us that teamwork isn’t just about working together; it’s about trust, respect, and pushing ourselves to be the best. It reminded us of the values that each one of us had and how when we work together, there’s no challenge that’s too big or small.

And when we went back into the office the next day, we weren’t just sun-kissed and exhausted, we had stories to tell and a new appreciation for one another. Our day out was not just about the activities, but also about the memories and the relationships we made.  I look forward to many such memorable occasions with my team-mates.

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