5 Quirky Activities to Try Out with Your Team

activities to try out with team

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Nowadays, to eliminate the boredom and monotony of work life, managers are devising unique and innovative team activities. In order to align with modern workplace trends, many businesses are coming up with quirky team-building activities.

Often, these quirky activities are unconventional and light-hearted exercises to foster collaboration and communication among employees. This can include activities revolving around skills such as problem-solving, adaptability and thinking outside the box, bringing in novelty and rousing the interest of your team members. Since, it’s a fun activity injected in the monotony of the daily work routine, such efforts increase productivity and job satisfaction, all things considered. 

Even though many businesses want to incorporate quirky activities into their daily operations, they fail to effectively plan them. This is why we have prepared this guide to have all the fun quirks (or perks) in the workplace. Let’s take a look at how you can inject more fun, excitement and thrill in your work environment! 

1. Team-Building Adventures

Events must be designed by managers keeping in mind the needs and preferences of each employee. 

Some fun activities such as outdoor survival challenges, escape room challenges, and engaging workshops can be arranged. For problem-solving, you can place your teams in groups so they are involved in activities such as intricate puzzles and scavenger hunts. To make the team-building experience even more exciting, managers can consult local experts to find out what unique activities are in store for them. 

By consulting local adventure companies, team leads and managers can arrange for quirky yet exciting activities. Let’s say that your company is located in Leicester or Warwick, then you would try activities that are unique in that area. If you are located anywhere near Northampton, then Leicester team building activities would be a fun and convenient location, thanks to it being centrally located. 

2. Visit a Local Farm

To set up such an outing, managers must consult nearby local farms and consider factors such as time, availability, and distance.

Once a suitable farm is chosen, coordinate with farm experts to ensure a well-planned and hassle-free visit. Look into arranging engaging team activities such as fruit picking, vegetable harvesting, interacting with farm animals or indulging in tree plantation. There are a multitude of farm options available including horse farms, vegetation farms or dairy farming that you can choose from. 

For instance, if you visit a horse farm, your team can learn about what goes on in a stable. You’ll learn all about equine activities like their food habits, grooming the kind of horse clippers used and more. You can even engage in horse riding if you and your team are interested in getting a lesson that is. Its a unique and off-beat experience that can be fun and novel to explore. 

3. Art Workshop 

If you’re tired of trying the old games and tricks, you can shake things up with quirky art workshops. Plus, its a great way to gauge how creative and unique your team is in a whole new environment. 

To set up this event, check with art studios to customise the workshop to suit your teams’ interests and preferences. Prior to the workshop, select a particular theme or a project that aligns with your company’s objectives. Next, choose the medium of the workshop such as painting, drawing, sculpting or designing. 

During artistic workshops, companies can share ideas, collaborate as a team, and solve problems together. Moreover, companies can hold contests to exhibit the artistic creativity of their employees. This can promote feelings of accomplishment, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. 

4. Fun Movie Nights 

We all like good movies, don’t we? If we choose a movie that matches the audience’s preference, it can be a game-changer! Come with up strategic ways to find out the movie and genre preferences of your team members. 

It can be a great way to bond and relax as you’ll be able to create an exceptional experience for everyone. Choose unconventional options or cult classics, or something nostalgic. For a more power-packed approach, got for an inspiring business-related movie or a good old action film. Whatever the choice, it should encourage employees to have a shared experience and pave way to have meaningful conversations and debates through entertainment. 

You can set up a private or an outdoor screening with popcorn and blankets under the starry night sky. Engage your in discussions and debates, come up with games, trivia and pop quizzes related to the plot and theme of the specific movie.

For movie buffs, this will be a delightful experience!

5. Culinary Challenges 

Beyond traditional activities, engage your team in mouth-watering culinary challenges. It might be unusual but it certainly could be a quirky way to enhance team collaboration. 

Firstly, arrange settle on a theme, whatever suits your team the best. Next, come up with innovative ideas to plan the entire event and keep the fun going. Whether it’s a competitive cooking competition or a team-focused chopping game, it should bring in feelings of excitement so team members are more willing to participate. 

To make the culinary challenge more fun, unique ideas must be incorporated. For instance, employees must be divided into teams and each team must be given a few ingredients out of which they can make a mystery recipe. This technique can encourage them to work together, and delegate tasks while effectively adding quirks and twists to the entire experience! 

It can be fast-paced and innovative and a whole new way for your team to work together and overcome challenges.

To Sum Up Quirky Activities to Try Out with Your Team

Now that we’ve explored quirky activities, we have an idea as to how it can positively impact your business in the long run. Although traditional activities certainly have their merits, quirky activities can inject a fresh and dynamic element, significantly benefitting your company’s culture and overall success.

Quirky activities bring in a sense of enthusiasm, creating a buzz among employees. When members of the your team feel that their needs are being met, it leads to better productivity and engagement. More importantly, such activities effectively contribute towards encouraging employees to get out of their comfort zone while fostering a culture of innovation.  Regardless of whether you’re a budding startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, you can incorporate these quirky team-building activities to create a more vibrant work environment where employees thrive for the long term.

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