Chiang Mai Living Guide for Expats and Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai in Thailand is one of the famous destinations for travelers, retirees, digital nomads, and expats. Apart from being budget-friendly, it has a laid back personality. You can escape the city chaos by hiking in surrounding mountains or taking boat rides on the lake. The city has everything you need including shopping malls cinema halls and five-star hotels. In your free time, you can enjoy the vibrant Buddhist cultural festivals or visit historical temples. Its beauty and charm make living Chiang Mai addictive. Many people end up extending their visit. The cost of living in Chiang Mai varies depending on your lifestyle and length of your Chiang Mai


Most visitors to Thailand use a tourist visa which lasts for 30 days with the option of renewal at Chiang Mai immigration office. If you want to stay longer get a 60 days tourist visa before going to Thailand. There is a multiple entry six months visa you can apply for in your home country. However, it is quite expensive and has strict requirements. You can only stay for 60 days at a time. Most people get new tourist visas indefinitely. Your employer can help you get a non-immigrant visa if you become an English teacher in Chiang Mai.

AccommodationDoi Inthanon

Living in Chiang Mai is convenient with the numerous affordable condos in the city. All you need to rent an apartment is a passport and money for deposit and rent. A real estate agent can assist you in finding a house if you are staying for over six months. However, you may incur additional cost for water, electricity, and internet. Negotiate a favourable rate with s guest house if you are staying for only a month. Most serviced apartments are a single room with no kitchen, but they have Wi-Fi. The city is a comfortable and safe place to live. The first few days you can stay at a hotel as you look at your accommodation options.

Transportroad to Doi

The city covers almost one square mile meaning you can travel on foot. There are many transport options available, including the Red Songtaews buses that offer transportation around the city at low cost. The Tuk Tuks are a private means of transport making them expensive. If you plan on living in Chiang Mai for some time, consider renting a motorbike. Ensure you get insurance cover in case of accidents.

Source of Income

Chiang Mai for digital nomads is the perfect place for making money online. The Wi-Fi is cheap and available everywhere. You can install high-speed internet cable to your apartment or use 4G data from a sim card. Go to co-working spaces or cafes scattered around the city to do your work. There are many internet connectivity options for digital nomads living in Chiang Mai. If working online is not your thing you can still make a living. Popular Chiang Mai jobs for expats include becoming an English teacherThai food

. Teaching English in Chiang Mai requires a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. It is another way you can learn Thai culture through teaching English.


You can sample the foodstuff from the stalls along the streets. The city restaurants offer meals for all budgets. Enjoy Italian, Chinese, Japanese cuisines, and other international cuisines. With over 50 vegetarian restaurants Chiang Mai is vegetarian heaven. If you are a Chiang Mai Livingcoffee person enjoy Thai coffee in numerous cafes. Buy groceries from the local market or supermarkets.

Networking Opportunities

Chiang Mai is a well-known hub for digital nomads, and there are plenty of opportunities to network. There are online entrepreneurs’ events you can attend. Digital nomads get access to valuable information for free.
If you are a digital nomad or an expat looking for a base to set up, Chiang Mai should be the first in the list. It is convenient and a great way to enjoy life on a low budget.

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