Bumped from a flight? Here are your air passenger rights

passengers on a plane

There are very few chances of getting involuntarily bumped off a flight. But, still, it is necessary to be aware of your rights. The violent removal of passengers from an overbooked flight is a common scenario. But, this usually gathers a lot of notice.

The overbooked flights will definitely lead to cases of forceful removal of the passengers. This can, however, prove to be dangerous if proper measures aren’t taken. While the airplanes initially ask politely to the passengers to give up their seats, when they don’t, forceful measures are taken.

Being bumped from a flight may come as a surprise to you but when you have a backup plan, you can be okay about it.

In some cases when the flights are overbooked and the number of passengers check-in is higher than the available seats of the aircraft. The airline staff at the gate would announce incentives for passengers who are willing to give up their seats and exchange their tickets accordingly.

In the case of denied boarding, you are entitled to certain compensation. Most of the airline bumping happen during the festive season.

This kind of bumping is regarded to be very upsetting but you need to be careful while dealing with it. It is necessary for the frequent flyer to be aware of their rights. Involuntary bumping can be a great deal to the air travelers.

Why do airlines overbook flights?

There are a number of empty seats on the flights and usually, not everybody shows up for the flight on time. As a result, the airplane companies prefer overbooking the flights to ensure that there is no empty seat. Moreover, it also helps them to earn money.

Who gets bumped from an airplane?

The airline company follows a strict guideline for bumping off the passengers. These include

  • The people who were late at the check-in
  • The passengers who did not pay for their flights
  • The passengers who checked-in in the last minute
  • The passengers who booked at the lowest price

How to deal with being bumped from a flight?

When you check-in at the airport, your aim is to board your flight and reach your final destination via airport transfer to Istanbul or to any other location. But it can be extremely frustrating when you are denied to board. Bumping can happen everywhere, be it for international flights or a domestic flight.

Airlines usually ask the people who are in no hurry to reach their final destination to volunteer and give up their seats.

In return, these volunteers are given a voucher, upgrade to business class, or an alternate flight.

But before accepting the benefits and offering to be a volunteer, you need to ask two questions …

  1. When will you get the confirmation for your next flight? You may also accept any alternative mode of transportation. However, there are chances of you being left out if you do not take any specific confirmation.
  2. Will the airline company offer compensations such as free food, hotel room free ticker or confirmed reserved mode of transport? If you do not ask them, you will be required to pay for all your expenses.

You should always negotiate if you are accepting any benefits. If not, you would be the one at loss for having to pay and also not reaching your destination.

Free travel vouchers are given by airline companies but bargaining terms and conditions are also mentioned.

If the airline bumps you involuntarily and offers you any mode of transportation that makes you reach your destination within the same hours on an international flight, you will not need to pay.

There are certain passengers who may volunteer but ask you to pay the lowest price for the reservation. In some cases, companies also offer free airplane tickets. Be sure to be aware of the restrictions on free tickets. You need to understand if you could use the tickets during the holiday season for international flights.

If you feel that you are being cheated by airline by giving insufficient money as change then you can contact Claim Flights. They are the leading claim service providers around the globe. They will help you for a fair settlement of compensation claims for overbooked flights.

What is the compensation you are entitled to?

When you show up for the flight on time and get bumped from a flight then you are entitled to compensation. It is your right to receive that compensation and you should talk to the people to solve the problem.

Under EU 261 Rule, you are entitled to compensation of up to 600 Euros, if you were denied boarding due to oversold seats. It’s valid for EU, US, or any passenger provided, flights’ departure was from an EU airport or its arrival was to an EU airport with an EU-registered airline.

And in the United States, as per the Department of Transportation (DOT) rule, you will receive the transportation if you are involuntarily bumped. However, denied boarding compensation depends on the delay.

The airplane usually arranges for an alternative mode of transportation for involuntarily bumped people. This transportation may help the passenger to reach their specific destination within an hour of your original flight. In such cases, you will not enough liable for any kind of compensation.

If you reach to your final destination within one to two hours of the original time on the domestic flight and one to four hours on the international flight, you will be entitled to a compensation of 200% of your total fare. As a result, you may receive compensation for up to $675.

If you reach your final destination after two hours on a domestic flight or four hours on an international flight, you will receive a compensation of up to 400% on your one-way fare. Thus, the maximum compensation you may receive in such case may be $1350.

When the tickets do not display the fare, the compensation is offered based on the lowest cash, credit card payment made for the flight service. Experts suggest that airlines pay compensation based on cash.

Additional services and compensation

The compensation is made on the basis of the lowest cash or credit card payment for all the people who use their frequent flyer points. The people who are denied boarding have the freedom to use their original ticket for the next flights. If you pay for your own arrangements, you should ask for a refund from the airline’s company.

If you pay any extra fees for seat selection or checked baggage, and did not get to enjoy the service on your next flight, you should ask for a refund from the airline company.

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