Avoiding or Riding Motorcycle During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Riding Motorcycle Covid-19 Pandemic

Lockdowns and stay at home orders are applied around the globe. In many cities police are making sure that people do not gather up at public places. This is important because the problem we are going through right now requires it. Social distancing and staying at home is not a new concept, but this is the first time we are going through this phase. And it sure does feel a panic situation. The corona virus can spread quickly like a quiet jungle fire and this is the reason for these lockdowns and social distancing.

During these times it is our responsibility to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone around us safe. This will be possible if we were to keep a safe distance and remain in our homes. Of course, the economy and our lives are affected, but this is our first line of defense against it.

Self-isolation on two wheels

Going out to ride your motorcycle has its risks. For instance, you could have an injury for which you might have to go to a hospital. But the medical staff is busy fighting COVID-19. From the hospital you also have chances of getting the virus in yourself. Roads are quiet and have less traffic, but that does not mean there is no danger. Staying at home is better and recommended, but if you would take the bike out, be sure to wear proper motorcycle riding gear, either you are a man or woman.

When to go out

Because we have to keep social distance, so taking your own car or motorcycle is better than taking public transport. So, you can enjoy riding your motorcycle, going to buy groceries, medications, or any other important thing. Do not even think of long distance rides and tours. If you don’t have any important work, then just ride around the block and get back inside. But be sure to wear proper riding gear.

When stopping for gas, make sure you are wearing protective disposable gloves as you tough the nozzle and machine. Wash your hands or apply sanitizer afterwards just to be more careful. Sanatizer is a quick solution. Remember not to touch your face, nose, and eyes. Keep distance from other riders and do not ride with a passenger.

The problem is not riding. It is when you would stop or go through crowded places you could be exposed. Just to be on the safer side you should clean motorcycle handles, saddles, and other places which someone might have touched with a sanitizer or other antiseptic solution before and after the ride. Also, wash your hands before getting on the bike and after getting off it.

The gear

The medical grade gear is not made to keep you safe from abrasions while the riding gear is not made to keep you safe from the virus. However, the riding gear can create a barrier between the virus and your body. Some sources say that it can stay on cloth like surfaces.

The more you keep yourself from people and public places, the safer you will be. Even with the gear one cannot be sure that they won’t get infected with the coronavirus. Riding alone and staying away from crowded and public places is smart and safe. Stay inside if you feel the symptoms or feel weak. Follow WHO precautionary measures.

What else can you do

In the meanwhile, you can do the things you have been meaning to. Learn how to do the repairs and bike maintenance yourself. This is important for the riders who go on long distance rides. During this time you can learn these things easily. Repair and maintain the bike properly, note the small things that you ignore otherwise. Do a detailed inspection, check the spokes, plug, fluids, brake and clutch cables, chain, swing-arm, exhaust, air filter, carburetor, brake pads, and battery.

Even if you are not going out, start the bike once a week for some time to make sure it is in running condition. Maybe start your own bike project you wanted to but could not get time otherwise. Bring your own bike to a new condition. Or you can get the map and search online for new places to explore. Places to stay, eat and enjoy on your new trip when this all will be over. Learning how to ride is another thing you can do. For instance, you can take the bike to a riding course and learn how to turn, curve, avoid obstacles, gear up and down, brake etc.

Believe me it will be more than appreciated by other fellow riders around the globe. Another thing that you can do is share your experiences and inside tips with an online community. Make your own blog website or find a reputable one to share your insights with.

Motorcycling is a unique and refreshing experience. The motorcycle riding community is a tightly-knit one, but during these times of the pandemic we should keep the distance. You can experience riding on your own. Stay safe and keep others safe.

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