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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oman on Your Next Luxury Holiday

Oman Luxury Holiday

The Sultanate of Oman is a nation of rich history, perpetual coastline, vast landscapes and great people. This unknown treasure located on the Arabian Peninsula is simply holding up to be found.

You will love Oman’s waves

Everything that Oman offers from its rugged precipices to purge sandy shorelines anticipates you at its coastline. A picnic at the beach will even grant you to dine in with the locals and magnify the sea waves as you finish the day.

Visit their forts

Oman has around 500 ports that are spread around the sultanate. A few of them are simply ruins while others are considered as World Heritage sites and provides a wonderful opening into the nation’s violent past. Visit the Bahla fortress and the Muttrah fort in Muscat as they give you the impression of how amazing these forts are.

Amazing desert turning green

People from the surrounding Gulf region visit Oman simply because they want to stay cool especially during the summer and the temperature in their country becomes unforgivingly hot. Get a chance to explore the soaks and great coastline in the summer months as the city of Salalah becomes rich and verdant in July and September.

Climb the highest Arabian mountain

Climb a trek of more than 3000m to the most astounding mountain in the Arabian Peninsula, Jebel Shams, a place where there are high pinnacles, profound gulches, and very old fossils. An abrupt, winding mountain street will let you trek up and climb trails past the towns. Just make sure to wear your climbing boots as the way is extremely rough and uneven.

Be enchanted by the turtle settling season

Approximately 20,000 ocean turtles advance toward the shorelines of Oman to lay eggs and the Sultanate takes the season very seriously since they impose harsh penalties on those who are caught putting the animals in danger. Just visit the Raz al Jinz Turtle Center and observe the green turtles as they cover their eggs with sand and head back to sea at night.

Investigate the Wahiba Sands

Find luxury holidays Oman and have a dazzling experience at the Wahiba Sands just like the popular explorer Wilfred Thesiger but without the difficulties.

Oman is a safe, welcoming country for everyone

Oman might be surrounded by some turbulent neighbours yet it’s a peaceful nation which is most likely be safer than other countries in the world. Its citizen may be a little conservative at first, but they are just happy to see you as you set foot on their great country.


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