7 Places To Visit When in Oman

Ras Musandam Fjords

Do you want to visit Oman? The Sultanate of Oman is a very interesting country and is situated on the tip of the eastern Arabian peninsula. The country is considered mysterious since you do not hear a lot of people talking about this truly beautiful country.

Once you come and see the place for yourself, you will be amazed by how friendly and hospitable the people are, and you will know that it is very safe to stay in.

Here are some places you should go to once you come to Oman:

Ras Musandam Fjords. Ras Musandam is located on the Musandam peninsula and is separated from the rest of Oman. The place is known for its amazing fjords of desert mountains and blue waters.

The place is mostly known as the “Norway of Arabia”. It is also best to go to this place since the Musandam Peninsula is sinking.

Ras Musandam Fjords

Khasab Fortress. The Khasab fortress is located near the Old Souk and was created by the Portuguese in 1623. To visit the fortress, take the fastest ferry in the world that connects to the capital Muscat.

Khasab Fortress

Muscat. Muscat is the capital of Oman and is very beautiful as well as historic. Muscat has several seafront fortresses and Eastern African wooden balconies great for a peaceful and relaxing destination. While in the capital, you can also visit Muscat’s museums, fort, market, mosques and other areas near the ocean.


Samail Castle. Samail Castle is one of the greatest looking castles found in Oman. The Samail Hosn or mostly known as Samail Castle is enclosed by palm trees and mountains. This place is considered a true oasis found in the desert mountains. A couple of kilometres before you visit Samail is also a small fort that you can also visit. The castle is also known for its high watchtowers that can overlook the whole valley.

Samail Castle

Salalah. This city is known for its frankincense. They have a lot of shops selling good quality incense, which you can bring home after a good luxury holidays Oman style. Aside from frankincense, Salalah is also famous for its beach and the mosque of Sultan Qaboos.


Nizwa. There are a lot of great places to go once you visit Nizwa such as the vegetable and animal market. You can also find the old Portuguese cannon, the old town, and the potteries. You can also visit the well-known Falaj canal, which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.


Village Haat. Want to see a lost village? Then Haat is for you. This can be found at Jebel Akhdar Mountains where the stone houses are concealed by palm trees.


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