5 Things To Remember Before Travelling With Your Pets

travel with pets

Travelling is fun, but there sure are some struggles for the traveller and for those left behind although it also depends on the length of travel or separation due to “one’s going somewhere without me” feeling.

You might be thinking of your parents or your other friends as the ones left behind when you travel alone or with someone else, but it’s not just them who feels sad whenever you leave (even if it’s just for a fun vacation!) Your pet also fees the same! They actually feel that more often than humans do. On the other hand, as a loving pet owner, I’m certain that you, too, don’t want to leave your pet behind as you enjoy your time visiting new places. So of course, the only option left if that’s the case is *drum rolls* to bring it with you!

You might not have done that yet. You might have experienced bringing it with you, but you didn’t have a perfectly worry-free time. You might just be planning to do so. You might be hesitant because you don’t want to be surprised by unanticipated charges. You might don’t want to stress your pet out. Well, regardless of what your pet is and whether you’re one of the mentioned or not, this piece is to help you know the things which you must carefully take a look at first if you’re planning to travel with your pet. Look at this list so you won’t miss any essential tip!

1 – Physically Pet for Travelling

(for the sake of the pun; that’s actually “physically fit”)

Just like you, human, your pet doesn’t want to travel when it doesn’t feel like doing so maybe because of an uncomfortable or irritable feeling or due to some illness. Check if your pet is capable of travelling – via air, land, and water. Most likely, if you’re going to a far place, you’ll choose to ride a plane. Pets like dogs and cats are land animals, remember! That means as a land creature like you, they’re not used to being on air. You might think that you’ve brought it while travelling before, but situations change, and you may not know if your pet’s courage (if they need that) and suitability to travel has changed. Consider and monitor their strength and health. Visit a vet if you need to.

I would like to add another meaning to a pet being physically fit. It also refers to literally fitting in transportation vehicles and areas. If you think you’re pet’s too big to fit in designated pet stations in travel transportation then think again if you don’t want to give everyone, including your pet, a hard time.

2 – Carry Your Carrier

You won’t be able to do some activities when you reach your travel destination if you let your pet out and walking all the time. Keep it inside a carrier when the need arises. Don’t let it get out in crowd places because it might bite (if it does) or get lost. This will be for your pet and the people around you to be safe.

3 – Travel Pet-cessities

As you prepare your own belongings, don’t forget to get your pet’s stuff ready too. Human’s things are easier to find and buy anywhere compared to those of pets. Pets definitely have lots of necessities too. Bring them food and water; there might be specific food types with which you feed it, so don’t fail to remember bringing its own or you’ll have to scan all the stores in an unfamiliar country just to find that treat for your pet. If necessary, bring its own food dish.

Include in your travelling bag a first aid kit for your pet, containing proper apparatuses in case of wounds and vomiting. Bring its favorite toys if you don’t want it to play with the things in the hotel you’ll be staying in. Carry some grooming supplies for it as well as certain cleaning supplies to remove lint and fuzz on hotel finishings.

Forgetting your pet’s things is basically forgetting your stuff.

4 – Who’s and Whose

Travelling is a new thing for your pet most especially if you don’t usually take it for a walk. If you didn’t train it well, it’ll most probably get lost. However, it doesn’t actually matter even if the pet’s well trained, it still can get lost in a foreign land in case you get separated.

Do something to make your pet easily identifiable by you and also by strangers. An identification collar or tag (that won’t choke your pet) will do! Include your name and contact number in the tag so that good-hearted finders will give you back your darling.

5 – Stay-tion

Before you travel, make sure you have a space for your pet. If you’re looking for your transportation, make sure space is enough for your pet to be placed in while traveling. Ask restrictions and safety measures. Before booking and reserving for a hotel accommodation, consider their policies regarding bringing in of pets and pet stuff. Know their pet-friendly offers and areas too. You can look up hotels online to see the best options not only for you but also for your pet.

You might only have a short preparation time for your pet’s coming with you, but make sure to consider what your pet truly needs in travelling because if your pet won’t enjoy your trip, surely, you also won’t get to fully do so.

Travelling with pets may not be easy, but of course, you don’t want to abandon your dog or your cat even if your trip will last for only three days. There’s some sort of separation anxiety especially if you intensely love your pet. No one can force you to leave your pet too if you don’t want to. The important thing is that you consider the things mentioned above because they’re absolutely needed for you to have fun while travelling with your pet. Most especially, together with all those safety actions, keep in mind that you have to relax and to be stress-free. For that to happen, be responsible and extra watchful and be very prepared with a checklist before you go travelling with your furry (or even not-so-furry) pet babies.

travel authorAUTHOR BIO:
Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia). Travel is one of the things that interest her the most. Nicole enjoys reading and writing lists like must-visit places, famous places to eat and what-to-do’s. She is amazed at the historical relevance of places, the diversity of cultures and the showcase of arts in different parts of the world. For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth sharing. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be all the glory”.

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